Venom 3 Logo First Look Revealed & Hints At Big Change From Let There Be Carnage


  • Venom 3’s new logo features a red number 3 behind the series’ logo, sparking speculation about its meaning.
  • Some fans are hoping for an official title with subtitles or a pun like “V3NOM” to match the movie’s humor.
  • Carnage’s return is uncertain, as Venom killed him in the previous film, but the title could hold hidden meanings related to other symbiotes.

venom 3 There’s a new logo, and this time, it gives the symbiote-centric franchise a different visual update. The Marvel movie is being touted as Tom Hardy’s final outing as Venom, which is evident from the actor’s description of the film as Eddie Brock’s “Venom.”last leg“. Juno Temple and Chiwetel Ejiofor confirmed as sole cast members venom 3 So far (aside from Hardy) not much is known about the plot of Star Wars. venom 3.In case the title reveals Venom: Carnage, it’s clear that Carnage will be the film’s villain.But with venom 3The title design is too simplistic and makes it difficult to establish the premise.

instead of something like “let the massacre happen,” this venom 3 The title logo includes the number 3 in red behind the Sony Pictures franchise logo. As part of Sony Pictures’ upcoming lineup of projects to be unveiled at CES 2024 (Source: discuss movies), the logo divided the internet, with some social media users hoping for an official title with subtitles like the previous film, or something like “V3NOM” This goes well with the film’s absurdist humor. It’s unclear if Red 3 will mean the return of Carnage, considering how Venom is in the 2021 sequel. Since there’s no shortage of symbiotes in the Venom comics, This title may have a hidden meaning.

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While it’s yet to be confirmed if Stephen Graham’s cop Patrick Mulligan will return venom 3 or not, Venom: Carnage It’s implied that he’s not dead, but is being controlled by another symbiote. This is made quite clear in the scene where Mulligan’s eyes turn a bright blue.Given Mulligan’s connection to the Toxin symbiote in the Marvel comics, following up on that plot thread seemed like a natural direction venom 3 Goes with its villains.

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Furthermore, there are more reasons to think that toxins seem to be naturally suited to venom 3. The symbiote, like Venom, jumps back and forth between heroes and villains, most often red, a physical trait it inherited as a descendant of Carnage.The red 3 in the logo may indicate that Toxin has entered venom 3 Being a new antagonist both because of the color and because Toxin is a third generation symbiote since it was born from Carnage, which was born from Venom.

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