This Christmas: Cast & Character Guide

This Christmas features big-name talents like Idris Elba and Regina King, but who else is in the movie? Here’s a guide to the cast and their roles.

Who is in the cast? this christmas What role do they play? Most Christmas movies are overwhelmingly white. goblins And leprechaun arrive home alone Or the Hallmark Channel holiday movies, many of which feature holiday outings with predominantly white casts and even when black actors try to land roles in the movies. Orthodox Christmas, they are still often cast in supporting roles.

Thankfully, there are many black-centered Christmas movies that address the lack of diversity in the holiday genre, such as best man holiday, Black Christmas And Jingle Jangle: Christmas Journey. Directed by Preston A. Whitmore II, this christmas is another black-focused holiday film, released in 2007 and borrowing its title from the 1970 Donny Hathaway song of the same name. Featuring a predominantly black cast, the comedy follows the tumultuous Whitfield family reunited for Christmas for the first time in four years.

Read on for a guide to ensemble actors this christmas and their roles in holiday movies.

Loretta Devine, Idris Elba and Regina King this Christmas

Loretta Devine – Shirley Ann “Ma’Dere” Whitfield

boston public It stars Loretta Devine as Shirley Ann Whitfield, affectionately known as “Ma’Dere.” She is the matriarch of the Whitfield family, and she celebrated Christmas with her six children at her home in Los Angeles.

Idris Elba – Quentin Whitfield Jr.

Quentin, the eldest son of the Whitfield family, is also an indebted jazz saxophonist who has not returned home for four years, following in the footsteps of his absent musician father. He is played by an actor from the MCU franchise, luthier Star Idris Elba.

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Lyrics of Delroy Lindo

ferocious Delroy Lindo plays Joe Black, Ma’Dere’s boyfriend. He is a church deacon who faces Quentin’s contempt after his prodigal son returns home for the holidays.

King Regina – Lisa Whitfield-Moore

Lisa Whitfield-Moore, the eldest daughter of Ma’Dere, a distraught wife and mother of two, worries about staying home running the family business And her siblings are upset in pursuit of their dreams. She is played by Oscar-winning actress Regina King.

Laz Alonso – Malcolm Moore

Raz Alonso boys Play as Malcolm, Lisa’s lousy husband. Not only did he betray his wife, but he pressured her to convince her siblings to sell the family business to finance him.

Sharon Lear – Kelly Whitfield

The second daughter, Kelly Whitfield, is a successful but selfish businesswoman, a graduate of Harvard University and working in advertising in New York. Kelli is played by Sharon Leal, who most recently played M’gann M’orzz in the movie Superwoman.

Short Film Columbus – Claude Whitfield

Scandal The regular series Columbus Short takes on the role of Claude Whitfield. He was Ma’Dere’s second son and a U.S. Marine whose family didn’t know he had gone AWOL and secretly married a white woman.

Lauren London – Melanie Whitfield

Melanie, the youngest daughter of the Whitfield family, is also a frivolous college student who has difficulty choosing a major. game Lauren London star.

Chris Brown – Michael “Baby” Whitfield

Rapper and actor Chris Brown completes the main cast this christmas like Michael. The son of the Whitfield family, he is also an aspiring musician but is afraid to tell his mother that he wants to be a singer.

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