Bruce Campbell Will Reprise Evil Dead Ash Williams Role Under One Condition

evil death Star Bruce Campbell has revealed he would love to play Ash Williams again, but only if one condition is met. First appeared on Sam Raimi’s evil death In 1981, Campbell went on to play Ash in two sequels and a Starz television show (he even had a brief cameo at the end of Fede Álvarez’s 2013 reboot). However, in 2021, Campbell announced that he was officially taking a break from playing Ash in any future projects.

Now, in a recent interview Fangoria before posting evil death risesIn the latest sequel where he’s taking on the role of executive producer, Campbell revealed that he’ll actually reprise the role of Ash. However, one of the conditions for his return is that Raimi must also return as director. Check out Campbell’s full review below:

“I’ll record it here! These people don’t scare me! I worked Ta Naso nothing scares me. If Sam says, ‘I, Sam Raimi, will direct someone else evil death film, ‘and then I, Bruce Campbell, would consider joining. I don’t want to be Ash, to be taken care of by someone else. Sam is the meanest director I’ve ever worked with, and Ash needs a little to shine. And I think Sam is the only director I’m not punching in the face right now evil death Movie! I’m just saying, I called Rob and Sam out, and I’m not the coward they thought I was; I just want the right environment. Because of Sam, even though he’s on set, he’s still a good director! [Raimi laughs] So I want Sam! I’ll do it for Sam. “

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Evil Dead Rise could pave the way for Campbell’s return

Alvarez’s 2013 reboot was a modest box office success and received mostly positive reviews, but didn’t generate enough excitement to lead directly to a sequel. evil death risesHowever, it was billed as a sequel to Raimi’s original trilogy, meaning it had a deeper connection to Ash and his story. evil death rises Well-received, a follow-up film could see Ash meeting the last people who survived the events of the latest season.

Although the sequel is about a month away from hitting theaters, it recently screened at SXSW and received a very positive reception. evil death rises Initial reactions praised the film’s respect for the original trilogy and how incredibly gory it was. evil death rises A notable box office success.

Box office performance will be a key factor in deciding whether to release a new movie or not evil death The movie is done, whether Raimi and Campbell will reunite in another movie. As for Raimi’s thoughts on the matter, he continues to act as the executive producer of everything evil death And only recently expressed his desire to return to directing another film. While nothing is certain, it looks like Ash will definitely hit the big screen again in the next few years.

Source: Fangoria

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