Hogwarts Legacy: How To Solve The Clock Tower Puzzle

To complete the Hogwarts Heritage Clock Tower puzzle, the player must cast spells on the clock tower’s giant pendulum to open a locked room containing useful items.

The clock tower at Hogwarts Castle has one of these hogwarts heritage The biggest puzzles players can solve to earn collectibles, gear and Galleons. The Clock Tower Puzzle is one of three secret puzzles players can find at Hogwarts, and completing it allows the player to take on exploratory challenges that involve uncovering well-kept secrets. most of the castle. To solve the clock tower puzzle, the player must cast their magic on the giant pendulum of the clock tower to open secret rooms containing useful loot.

Among the three secret puzzles of Hogwarts, including hogwarts heritage Bridge puzzle, Hogwarts clock tower puzzle is the most time consuming and complicated puzzle. To remedy this, the player must guard Gladwin Moon at Hogwarts The Gatekeeper’s Funeral, and Arrest dynamics. To begin solving this puzzle, the player should head to the Clock Tower Courtyard in the South Wing to Floo Flames.

Unlock the bell tower puzzle

Inheriting Hogwarts players look at Hogwarts' first clock tower puzzle door

Players will find themselves in a large open room with a giant pendulum swinging. Looking up, the player should be able to spot one of the hogwarts heritage Flight guidance website. On the other side of the room, the player will see a door marked with a unicorn symbol.

Occasionally, the door above the door will begin to open before it slams shut. Players should check the floor below the pendulum, where they will find four symbols carved in the stone.

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Traditional Hogwarts players look at the clock tower door icon on the first floor

To open the door, the player must use Arresto Momentum on the pendulum to freeze it when it passes through a symbol that matches the one on the door.

To open the first door, the player must freeze the pendulum when it passes the unicorn symbol. Players can spend their time however they want hogwarts heritage Arithmetic Puzzle Doors, but the bell tower doors are only open for a moment, so the player should go through them as soon as the pendulum freezes and opens.

The legendary player of Hogwarts looks at the door leading to the clock tower stairs

Inside the first room, the player will find a chest containing collectibles. However, to fully solve the clock tower puzzle, players need to find and open 3 more puzzle doors in the clock tower. The rest of the clock tower puzzle door is located on the upper level of the clock tower, accessed by opening the door to the left of the courtyard entrance and climbing the stairs.

puzzle door




Hogwarts Legacy players look at the second puzzle door of the Hogwarts clock tower Hogwarts Legacy players look at the second Hogwarts clock tower puzzle door icon

Players will reach the balcony at the end of the first set of stairs. This door is on the opposite side. When the pendulum passes the symbol, strike the pendulum body with Arresto Momentum.

500 Galleons in an eye box, one of the Hogwarts legacies. This one can be opened by casting the banish spell and sneaking into it.

Inheriting Hogwarts players look at the third Hogwarts clock tower puzzle door Hogwarts Legacy players look at the third Hogwarts clock tower puzzle door icon

On the next floor of the second clock tower puzzle door, opposite the entrance to the other stairs. If the player finds the Daedalian Key puzzle, they will know they are on the right floor hogwarts heritage house chest.


Hogwarts Legacy players look at the fourth puzzle door of the Hogwarts clock tower Former Hogwarts Players Look At The Fourth Hogwarts Clock Tower Puzzle Door Icon

In the stairs opposite the third clock tower puzzle door. The player can find it through a wooden door. To open it, the player needs to stand on the floor below to cast Arresto Momentum, then run back.

Legendary equipment item

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After unlocking the final clock tower puzzle door, players will successfully solve the Hogwarts clock tower puzzle and earn some useful rewards. If you complete the bridge puzzle and hogwarts heritage Key to the Admission Quiz, players should also check their Challenge menu for new appearance customization options available only to those who have found and solved Hogwarts’ greatest secret puzzle.

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