What Happened To Jesse Langford After The White Island Eruption

Volcano: Rescue from Vakari, details the heartbreaking stories of survivors of the 2019 White Island eruption. Among the survivors was Australian university student Jesse Langford, 19, who was vacationing in the area with him. family. The trauma he suffered from the incident and what he is doing now is a powerful story about overcoming obstacles in the face of great adversity.

However, Jesse’s story is just one of many. The eruption killed 22 people and injured 25 others. Many of those injured suffered severe burns as well as lifelong emotional trauma. The disaster has also led to numerous criminal charges and lawsuits against those involved. The Netflix documentary doesn’t focus too much on the aftermath of the disaster, choosing instead to detail the events of the day.

Jesse Langford lost his family in the White Island eruption

as stated in Volcano: Rescue from VakariJesse was on vacation when the incident happened. He and his family are on a Royal Caribbean cruise that is scheduled to last 16 days. The family, originally from Sydney, Australia, had never been to New Zealand’s White Island so decided to go sightseeing because the island is considered safe for tourists. Jesse, his parents and sister hiked up to the island and took a few pictures of the crater. All seemed to be going well, but when the family and the rest of the tour group returned to the boat, things took a turn for the worse.

Volcano erupts, the ground shakes, hot volcanic ash with “a rock the size of a manThe family turned to run away, helpless to escape. Jesse, who would eventually be knocked to the ground, remembers curling up and covering his face to keep from inhaling the hot ash. When things calmed down, Jesse staggered back to where his mother was unresponsive and his father had trouble breathing. Sadly, both Jesse’s father and mother passed away. Jesse’s sister was never found, but police later speculated that her body was swept into a stream and swept out to sea.

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Jesse Langford is now a voice for burn victims

White Isle Volcano 3

In addition to losing his family in the eruption, Jesse himself was also seriously injured.exist Volcano: Rescue from Vakari, he said more than 70% of his body was burned. In addition, he suffered multiple lacerations and bruises from shrapnel turning into shrapnel due to the force of the explosion. These injuries required more than 18 surgeries and months in hospital. Jesse mentioned that his injuries were so severe that he was only able to attend his family’s funeral which was broadcast live.

Although Jesse suffered life-changing wounds and personal tragedy, he didn’t let that stop him from living the rest of his life. Since then, he has turned the experience into a forever force, becoming a voice for victims of similar trauma. Specifically, he became a consultant for SHARE, a group that supports burn victims. He also graduated from nursing school to continue his goal of helping people in need. About his wishes after the tragedy Volcano: Rescue from Vakarijessie will say “Sitting there and feeling sorry for yourself is not going to get me anywhere or benefit anyone.”

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