Walter Hill’s CAIN Brings A Neo-Noir, Blind Hitman to Dark Horse (Exclusive)

Legendary filmmaker Walter Hill teams up with award-winning TV and comics author Mike Benson for the latest Dark Horse Comics horror film: ca-in. Movie buffs will recognize Hill as the director of such classics 48 hours And combatantand episodes story from the catacombs And dead wood. He also made all the movies alien Franchising. Additionally, readers will recognize Mike Benson for his writing/producing credits on TV shows like The Bernie Mac, Gray Wolf performance on campus, And entourage, Or because of his prolific comic work for Marvel characters like Moon Knight and Luke Cage.

Now, for the first time, these two Hollywood visionaries have teamed up with Dark Horse Comics to launch ca-in, a gritty adventure in a criminal underworld centered on a blind killer. Hill and Benson will collaborate with artist Beni R. Lobel (formerly Avatar prequel comics adapt or die), colorist Jordi Escuin Llorach (space activities), and the letters Frank Cvetkovic (Earl Crawley). Lobel is also doing double duty by producing the cover art, previewed below. ca-in Currently scheduled for release on November 28, 2023.

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It follows its protagonist, a blind murderer raised by a CIA agent. Today, he cannot overcome his deepest evils, including alcoholism. The story explores Cain’s hedonistic quest as he wipes out gangsters, deviant, and corrupt politicians across the globe. As Kane says in the comics, “Once you’re in the dark – I’m the Marks Walter Hill’s third foray into the world of comics, having previously worked on graphic novels guard And distribution According to the Book of Titan.

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Hill is no stranger to the world of film noir, as all of his films feature recognizable film noir scenes. Likewise, Walter Hill’s films often contain Western sensibilities. Therefore, readers should expect Hill to bring the same emotions, stories, and themes into the film. ca-in he put it in the western revolutionary drama dead woodeight-time Emmy Award winners. ca-in There will be an environment that doesn’t stop with crime violence, sex, betrayal and death, which is a perfect fit for Benson, who has previously written scripts for characters like The Punisher, Wolverine and Moon Knight.

While modern and western noir are two completely different genres in theory, they have the potential to make an intriguing combination, especially when it comes from two of the most creative minds working on work in both categories. Audiences will definitely see the results when Dark Horse Comics hits theaters ca-in Coming to comic stores and digital retailers on November 28.

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