The Simpsons: All 5 Husbands Selma Has Had (& What Happened To Them)

Selma Bouvier may not be the friendliest character The Simpsons, however she was married five times, though none of these relationships lasted long. Created by Matt Groening, The Simpsons debuted on Fox in 1989, although it originally appeared as an animated short series The Tracey Ullman Program 1987. Since then, The Simpsons became the longest-running American sitcom and has successfully expanded into other media, particularly movies and comic books.

The Simpsons Follow the daily adventures of the protagonist and other famous citizens of Springfield as both friend and foe of the Simpson Family. Over 30 seasons, the series introduced the family of Homer and Marge, with two recurring characters being Marge’s older sisters Patty and Selma. The twins are known for their smoking addiction and unhealthy relationships, although they still date occasionally. Patty comes from a lesbian background, while Thelma has been married a few times without luck.

Selma was married a total of five times, and her name evolved into Selma Bouvier-Twillig-Hertz-McLure-Disco-Simpson-D’Amico, although one of the marriages was not at all unfair. The first is Sideshow Bob, real name is Robert Terwilliger. Selma and Sideshow Bob met in prison, and Selma was his letter friend. After learning Selma “made a fortune” in the stock market, Bob attempted to kill her, but Bart promptly discovered his plan – and Selma’s first marriage ended. This was followed by her marriage to Lionel Hertz, Springfield’s most incompetent lawyer, although this marriage took place off-screen so it is unknown how they met and how long the relationship lasted, but Her third marriage is perhaps her most memorable: to Troy McClure.

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Selma is a Troy McClure fan, whom he met after the Department of Motor Vehicles gave Troy McClure an eye exam. However, when McClure’s career began to stall, he used his relationship with Selma to cover up the controversy. The trick worked and his career revived, so he was forced to move on and he married Thelma. Thelma later learned that their marriage was nothing more than a marketing ploy, but she agreed to it for a while. When McClure suggested they have kids, as the family men have some of the best roles in the movie, she ended their relationship. Her next marriage was to Disco Stu, and it happened (again) off-screen. Disco Stu received papal revocation, which eventually ended it. Selma’s strangest marriage to date was to her grandfather Simpson, who was dating her mother. Selma and Grandpa Simpson realized that their relationship would never work out for different reasons, so they divorced.

Last but not least, the “D’Amico” part of Selma’s long name is attributed to Fit-Fat Tony, the cousin of the original Fat Tony. Thelma and Fat Tony got married, but because she didn’t speak Italian, she didn’t realize that the wedding was really about being Fat Tony’s mistress and not his wife. The Simpsons Will give her a stable relationship at some point – but won’t be surprised if she continues to add them to her already established relationship.

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