Taylor Frankie Paul Was Arrested For Assault And Domestic Violence

LDS TikTok celebrity Taylor Frankie Paul was taken into custody Saturday, February 18, for assault and domestic violence. According to documents from the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office, the 28-year-old celebrity was arrested Saturday in Herriman, Utah and arrested at 1:56 a.m. that same day. Frankie was eventually released on three lesser charges, including criminal offenses, domestic violence with children and assault, at around 10.35am. She and ex-husband Tate Paul have a 2-year-old son Ocean and a 5-year-old daughter Indy.

Dakota Mortensen, her current partner, declined to comment and told the Daily Mail he was not even authorized to speak to her. Dakota, on the other hand, claims that Frankie never intentionally hurt anyone. The city attorney’s office and Herriman DA have not made the allegations public. Deputy Prosecutor Matt Brooks told the media:

“I still haven’t looked at Taylor Paul’s profile. If it comes to my desk, I will investigate it like any other matter.”

Paul Taylor Frankie has revealed his “gentle swing” online.

Taylor Frankie’s According to Paul’s partner, celebrity has to go through a lot.

Frankie’s In May last year, Paul caused controversy when she revealed online that she and her husband Tate were “swingers”, they had sex in the same room, swapping partners in a group of close friends. their own, but with certain limitations. Tate Paul has filed for divorce after TikToker admitted he went “too far” with someone else’s partner.

She admitted that she broke her soft deal with her influential friends early last year. Frankie says she is losing everything. In May 2022, Taylor uploaded to TikTok mysterious videos in which she said her life was falling apart. In some videos, she is seen moving crates. Celebrities also mentioned starting consulting.

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Dakota Mortensen, Paul’s partner for 30 years with Taylor Frankie, said:

“I don’t really want to talk about it, but I have to explain a few points. I didn’t call 911.”

Dakota suspects that the neighbor contacted the police. He declined to reveal what happened after they returned home. Dakota went on to say:

“I’ll wait until things come to light before commenting. She has never intentionally hurt anyone.”

The Daily Mail has asked him for details, but Dakota is reluctant to expand on the subject. However, Dakota stated that he and Frankie did not fight. He declared:

“I don’t even want the truth to come out. She’s in such a state right now. I tried to help her. She’s a good mother going through a difficult time in her life. Taylor has suffered; it’s been a rough year for her. She’s haunted by regret over the affair that cost her marriage dearly.”

Taylor Frankie Paul

According to Dakota, Taylor Frankie Paul attended ‘Galentine’s get together’ on Friday night. It was a women’s gathering planned after Valentine’s Day. He said he brought Taylor home after picking her up from the gathering. Dakota Mortensen, on the other hand, believes Taylor has bottomed out with her prison and will only get stronger because of it.

In July 2022, during the breakup, Taylor announced Dakota as her girlfriend on TikTok. Although their brief relationship ended six months after Taylor was born, they quickly became close again. To prove it, the pair appeared together in a TikTok movie in January. Taylor Frankie Paul opened up about her struggles with depression in August 2022, revealing she’d lost almost 90 pounds. Dakota recently told the Daily Mail that he loves Taylor and hopes to have a future with her. He also confirmed that they lived in different houses about 20 miles apart.

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He said he’ll have to let the recording go through the system’s processes and wait and see how it plays out. Dakota expressed uncertainty about when he might see or speak to Taylor Frankie Paul again. It could take days, weeks or even months, he said.

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