The Meaning Of Will’s Painting In Stranger Things

Warning: Contains spoilers strange things Part 4, Vol. 2.

picture of the will in strange things Season 4, Episode 2 and brings a ton of meaning to the show itself. Season 4 presented Will Byers with its own challenges, both in terms of returning to Hawkins from previous injuries and dealing with his complicated love for Mike. The latter leads to one of the more painful scenarios strange things shows Will and his repressed feelings for his best friend, but also reveals the painting Will has been working on since the beginning of the season.

At first, many people speculated strange things Viewers thought the painting would be part of Will’s romantic confession to Mike and that it would somehow reflect the couple’s dynamic on the show. It is also speculated that Will’s painting may be related to his experience in the Upside Down World and may hold the secret to defeating Vecna. Interestingly, both interpretations are technically replaced by Will’s drawing in strange things Season 4 Episode 2 really is. Episode 2 has Will showing Mike the drawing, showing strange things Fighting the three-headed dragon in season 1, Mike leads the quest – his role here is his 1984 DnD knight role, not his 1983 dungeon master role.

Painting by Will strange things Season 4 Episode 2 was initially explained by Will himself as a mission from Eleven, and also showed that Mike is both the leader and “heart” of the team – symbolized by the painted heart – Mike’s shield – which Will uses to support his friend. confidence drops. Will also suggests that Eleven told him what to draw, but that’s a dubious claim, as the next photo of Will awkwardly looks away while Jonathan stares at him in his rearview mirror. truck is a rather questionable claim. hints that it may have more to do with Will trying to convince Mike Eleven to still love him strange things Part 4 is more than the truth. With that in mind, it’s also possible that Mike’s role as the main character reflects Will’s feelings for him, as the scene also seems to make him hide his feelings by explaining that Eleven must love Mike but struggling with “existence”.distinctive‘. It’s also important to note that the DnD characters are all characters the crew played in the universe and relate to the way the team operates on a daily basis – informed by Will the Wise from season 1 through the link. his relationship to the Upside Down, with Mike as the frontman, Dustin as a stout warrior with a knack for the instrument (with the singing ability of a troubadour in 1984), and Lucas as an ensemble. chivalrous soldier. Therefore, the meaning of this picture is also very likely to imply that Team How will rescue Hawkins and Conquer will return evil for good in the final episode of the series. strange things Part 5, by making it clear that each initial member of the team is important to the effort by virtue of their individual skill.

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The important thing is Will .’s paintings strange things Season 4 could also be a foreshadowing of season 5’s monsters, as Byers’ connection to Vecna ​​and the Upside Down will make him feel threatened without even realizing it. Will’s artwork before the show hints at aspects of the Upside Down and its creatures, and Nancy mentions that Vecna ​​showed her a character that has “open your mouth‘, all of which can hint at elements of the upcoming monsters the team will have to deal with. Some have speculated that the dragon in the painting is a version of Tiamat, the mother of all dragons, which may hint at Vecner himself, as he seems to be the mastermind behind many generations of dragons. evil force. strange things The actors have to deal with it throughout the show.

Ultimately, Weil’s drawings take on a sense of his own personal arc. Will Byers has long been part of the group to maintain their childhood bond, and DnD is one of the things that others initially consider childish by the end of the show, leading to Will bringing the book. my DnD manual for Erika – just for others to use. join the Hellfire Club and keep playing. As such, the picture can be seen as Will remembering the group’s childhood and re-accepting a part of who he was trying to let go of – perhaps setting a hopeful precedent for the past. his growing up strange things Part 5.

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