Wolverine’s 10 Greatest Rivals In Marvel Comics

Hugh Jackman Returns to Legendary Role in Wolverine deadpool 3, the studio had the opportunity to pit the mutant with claws against one of his most common enemies. Fans of Marvel comics are well aware of Rogen’s penchant for vengeance, but his biggest confrontations aren’t just one-off battles.

From lingering disagreements with fellow Cyclops to all-out fights with characters like the Saber-toothed Tiger, things can sometimes get personal for Canadians. Although Wolverine has more enemies than friends, there are only a handful of enemies that can actually count towards his opponent list.


Wolverine has been everywhere, and over the years he has had a lengthy clash with characters who have become arch-enemies. On the other hand, Romulus entered Logan’s life relatively late in the comics timeline, but has clearly been plotting his doom for centuries.

A member of a race of lupines that evolved from fangs rather than apes, Romulus possesses Wolverine’s rapid healing abilities, as well as his finest senses. Romulus has waged war on Wolverine’s lineage and is secretly working with him. From meddling in Daken’s life to his stealing Sabertooth’s humanity, Romulus is battling Logan, even if he doesn’t realize it.


Wolverine fights the web in Marvel comics

A character from Wolverine’s past, Cyber ​​has been battling the clawed mutant ever since he served as his instructor during World War I. The two are more alike than both are willing to admit, and Cyber ​​is also a mutant enhanced through the use of diamonds.

Born Silas Burr, this natural mutant was already a dangerous foe in terms of strength, but the addition of a metal inner skeleton made him almost completely invulnerable. While he’s one of Wolverine’s most underrated villains, he’s still a great villain thanks to the decades-long brutality he inflicted on Logan.

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Magneto in a metallic red and purple suit

One of the oldest and most consistent villains in Marvel Comics, Magneto has feuded with every hero at some point. Although Wolverine is not usually the target of Eric Linescher’s nefarious intentions, his metal skeleton makes him irrelevant to Magneto’s hands.

Battling the leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants several times, things took a turn for the worse between Wolverine and Magneto, who used his powers to completely remove Logan’s bones. Magneto is a villain and a sympathetic character, but Wolverine is never in a hurry to cooperate.

dead pool

Deadpool tries to take down Wolverine with a sword

Wade Wilson’s place in the Marvel Comics Universe is complicated, and there are a lot of characters who don’t consider him a friend. Deadpool spawned from the same Weapon X program that spawned the modern Wolverine, which will inevitably intersect with Canadian Mutants at some point.

Their first fight was unnecessary, but Deadpool returned and ended up facing off against Wolverine for a repeat. Although they may not have seen each other, the two have worked together so successfully for so many years that they have developed a reluctant respect between them. However, Wolverine and the Merc With a Mouth never misses an opportunity to update their “professional” love rival.

break Bad

Lady Deathstrike shows off her claws from Marvel Comics

Wolverine has found herself the target of many assassins over the years, but Mrs. Deathstrike is one of the few who can actually compete with him. Daughter of the Darkwind Lord, who created Wolverine’s handmade diamonds, she also infused herself with metal to become stronger.

Bound by honor, Deathstrike considers Wolverine an abomination to her father’s ideals, and thus she considers it her duty to eliminate him. The scale of their battle was enormous, with both Talon fighters fighting desperately, but still undecided. Considering the fact that her consciousness persisted even after her body died, it was clear that Miss Deathstrike still had a diamond-covered bone to pick up with Wolverine.

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Wolverine's surprise attack on the Hulk

debut on Hulk In the comics, Wolverine was annoyed by Marvel’s Emerald Rage Machine. The first battle in amazing hulk #181, When Wolverine turned his back and became a hero, the two weren’t quite friends yet.

Even though they always fight for a reason, like Hulk in world war hulk, The two immediately took off their gloves without hesitation. What makes them such great competitors is that they are driven by the same motivation — anger — and the two are more alike than they realize.


Wendigo attacks the cover of the x-men comic

According to Canadian Aboriginal mythology, the beast known as the Wendigo is a curse that affects not just one person but many. While there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to Wendigo’s design, it has frequently encountered Wolverine and their battles have become legendary.

Encountered in the X-Weapon program during Wolverine’s time, this supernatural monster nearly surpassed Logan’s powers. While battling the likes of The Hulk and Alpha Flight, Wendigo not only limited his reach to Wolverine, but the pair always seemed to find each other no matter who was cursed.


Mystique tries to seduce Wolverine in the comics.

Wolverine is not known for his “complicated” relationships with characters, whether or not he likes someone is always obvious and often the latter. Mystique, on the other hand, is an opponent who is not always an enemy, the two are actually quite close.

Raven’s fight with the X-Men naturally puts her in direct conflict with Wolverine, but the two actually start out as allies. Mystique, like Wolverine, existed in the distant past, first meeting Logan in the 1920s, but their divergent ideologies eventually led to a rift. Many of Wolverine’s rivalries involve fierce combat, but his conflict with Mystique is much more subtle.


Cyclops shoots a beam at Wolverine

Wolverine has clashed with authority figures in the past, and saying that he doesn’t like being told what to do is a bit of an exaggeration. This discontent with authority puts him in direct conflict with Cyclops, but their rivalry is much deeper than a hierarchical conflict.

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These two affectionate men have had many quarrels over the years, but their biggest one came when they both showed a liking for Jean Grey. Even as Wolverine grudgingly accepted Scott’s authority, some of the X-Men’s best storylines stemmed from a complicated love triangle. Recent comics show that their relationship is open, but animosity still smolders beneath the surface.

tiger hunting

Wolverine vs. saber-toothed tiger in Marvel comics

Wolverine is one of the most evil characters in the Marvel Comics Universe, but his rage is no small feat compared to the fury of Victor Creed (also known as Sabretooth). Sabretooth possesses the same skill set as Wolverine, but his lack of morality and lust for murder accentuates his prowess.

With a history spanning generations, the couple couldn’t help but find each other time and time again. Sabretooth’s hatred for Logan really flared when they both joined the Weapon X program, and Creed’s desire to eliminate his opponent meant Wolverine had to go. Without a doubt, Sabretooth is Wolverine’s arch-nemesis, and it serves as a dark mirror for the character, showing what Logan can become if his dark side takes over.

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