RHOBH: Everything We Know About Diana Jenkins’ Kids Innis & Eneya

RHOBH fans are curious about Diana Jenkins’ two eldest children, Innis and Eneya. Diana and her children seem to be very close when they often go out together.

exist true housewives of beverly hills Season 12 sees Diana Jenkins as the glamorous new housewife and curious fans about her two older children, Innis and Eneya Jenkins. Despite Diana’s enviable lifestyle, she was not always raised in luxury. The society grew up in Yugoslavia and had to flee the country around the age of 18 during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Diana eventually went to London, where she attended the City University of London, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Economics. In the second episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12, Diana talks about how poor she is and won’t stop for money, even scrubbing toilets to survive. She met British financier Roger Jenkins and they married in 1999.

Roger and Diana have two children, son Innis and daughter Enea. After ten years together, the couple separated and eventually divorced in 2011. Diana shared in her confession on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that the reason for the divorce was that she wanted to have a separate identity beside him. millionaire husband. Diana is happily engaged to musician Asher Monroe and her children still play an important role in her life.

Diana has three children together

RHOBH Diana Jenkins Saner IG

The ages of Diana’s two oldest children, Innis and Eneya, are unknown, but they appear to be 20 years old. Above, Innes is holding Diana’s youngest daughter, Eliana, whose father is Asher. Eliyanah was born in November 2020, which means she is just over a year old. Innis is an older brother who is ready to appear in season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In the scene, he plays with Eliyanah at Diana’s house.

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Eneya Jenkins’ Instagram

Eneya Jenkins RHOBH Diana Jenkins' Daughter

Daughter Eneya has a very active Instagram account with over 15,000 followers. She often posts selfies of herself enjoying nature or flying to exotic locations. She seems to like water, as there are many pictures of her on a boat or on the beach. Apparently, the striking blonde shared Diana’s philanthropic genes, as she posted a link to the Humane Foundation of Ukraine on her Instagram page. Innis also has an Instagram account, but he’s not very active, just a picture of himself with a mysterious woman. However, he still has nearly 15,000 followers.

Innis and Eneya happy birthday to Diana

RHOBH Diana Jenkins and her family

Diana seems to be close with Innes and Enea, pictured above as they celebrate their mother’s birthday with her. Standing beside Diana was Arthur, whom Diana joked about being mistaken for Innes. Asher, fifteen years younger than Diana, said they had no serious intentions. Over time, they become inseparable. Fans are eager to know more about Diana’s two eldest children, Innis and Eneya, so they are expected to true housewives of beverly hills.

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