Poker Face’s Columbo Comparisons Reveal 1 Major Problem

Charlie solves a different murder in each episode of Poker Face, but since she’s not a detective but a random wanderer, that creates a lot of skepticism.

poker face has quickly become one of the most exciting murder mystery series, but it has a major hitch with one of its most influential classics, Colombia. The new show comes from Rian Johnson, who, unsurprisingly, also writes, directs knife out And OnionAnd poker face is the perfect TV partner for those hit movies. Instead of Benoit Blanc, the show features Charlie (Natasha Lyonne), a homeless man on the run from robbers and casino owners who work odd jobs across North America and never stay in one place. too long.

The appeal of the show is how much of a human lie detector Charlie is because she has an oddity that can tell if people are lying or not. poker face There is an overarching story and each focuses on a different set of characters. In each episode, murders occur that have nothing to do with Charlie, although she can’t help but participate in them. However, while it’s fun to watch Charlie find out the truth behind the murder and who is responsible, it also creates a huge hole for the film. It leads to some unfavorable comparisons with the long-running crime series that began in the 60s, Colombia.

What a coincidence that Charlie is always near a murder (unlike Columbus)

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alike Colombia, poker face There is a killer format of the week. but even though poker face Continuing the fiery and criticized Johnson for its ingenuity, it’s too coincidental for Charlie to commit murders everywhere at the time, since she’s frequently moving between towns. Incredibly, Charlie was able to participate in ten different murders in one season. This is situation colombia, Also, because whenever there was a murder, he was always in the front row. However, Columbus has an excuse because he is a homicide detective. That’s not the case with Charlie, who actually stumbled upon the murder.

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How Poker Face Explains Charlie’s Coincidence

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However, there are several reasons why Lyonne big lebowski– Affected Charlie continues to find himself in these dire situations. For starters, the schedule for this season’s events is not what it seems. Most people would assume time passed a week at a time (the title tag reads “A week later”) because that’s when the episode aired. But while the episodes aren’t entirely clear, a lot of time has passed, around 16 months have passed between the first and ninth episodes. So there are a lot of different murders around Charlie, which is more believable considering the time frame.

Charlie’s special abilities can also put her in danger. Being able to tell when someone is lying is appealing to Charlie. Whenever someone lies to her, she immediately steps in and tries to dig deeper, which always leads to some kind of danger. even though Charlie is on the run poker faceShe usually gets the chance to leave her small town at any time, but a small lie from a stranger encourages her to stay. poker face Having an incredible story isn’t entirely out of the question, it just requires a bit of skepticism.

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