City Defense MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.45

Defending the city from threats is your goal in City Defense. With government capabilities, the military will occupy important positions. Stand at all gates and fight persistently. No component can cross your barrier. No matter how strong they are, they are not capable. However, the risk of losing a position is very large and should not be subjective. Become the ultimate commander with many advanced tanks.

Smart strategies will unleash everyone’s leadership skills in an emergency. The way City Defense guides you to fight is not difficult. Through this, everyone will have a direction to improve their squad. Thanks to that, there are new strategies that no one else thought of. A very simple function that will not take up much of your time. You can stop at any time and continue when you feel better. See mighty stickman in modern graphics. People need to be in danger to experience it more deeply.

Download mod City Defense – save the city from disaster.

The enemy red faction is trying to take your city with great force. Of course, the Green Alliance led by you will not allow that to happen. Gather your army before those great gates and get ready. Get ready to destroy anyone who comes close. Minions will automatically attack in situations beyond your control. The only thing to do is to get money from each enemy that you have killed before. Then accumulate and use this money to upgrade items. Increase your firepower and solidity over time. Surely their progress is stupid and a waste of labor.

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Make the most of your abilities

Your army relies on a total of three different elements to fend off ferocious mobs. The first element is a barrier that prevents enemies from moving. These barriers are durable enough that the crowd will take time to break. The second is a melee soldier ready to use shields and batons. They will fight and take down the attackers in the best way possible. Melee minions also deal decent damage and have solid defense. Finally, there are soldiers with guns on their backs, and the range is quite long. Provide fire support to frontline troops. The more you upgrade these three elements, the more money you will spend.

Free city defense mode

Beware of dangerous people.

In a rebellious crowd, there are elements that are more threatening than usual from time to time. They are called extremists and can do you a lot of harm. For example, someone might throw a petrol bomb and burn you to death. Some are equipped with hard-to-kill armor. A lot of guys with guns can also take out your soldiers from behind. To be able to fight them when they appear, it is necessary to upgrade the squad to the highest level as soon as possible. Don’t give these guys a chance to get close to you. Otherwise, our defenses will not be able to function.

city ​​defense mod apk

You may need to command barricades in different parts of the city. Each setpoint setting will be based on the current terrain and arrangement. Enemies appear from many different directions, so you should deal with them carefully. Putting it in the wrong place can have great consequences for us. Don’t give the rebels a chance to attack you by any means in city defense mode.

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