New Cosplay Brings Back the Ultimate Marvel/DC Crossover Hero

The days of official Marvel Comics and DC Comics crossovers may be long gone, but fans can keep the tradition alive through fan art and cosplay, as MCroft07 did when she recently showcased her abilities. Combination Cosplay Comic Character Amalgam’s Dial HUSK

Share her work via Twitter, M Croft07 Use makeup and body paint to recreate Dial HUSK’s unique powers. Is a combination of X-Men shell and DC comics Dial H for a hero, Dial HUSK can literally tear her skin to reveal a new hero each time. MCroft07 has recreated this ability through her extraordinary painting and makeup work, depicting the character undergoing a transformation, with half of her skin ripped off to reveal Wonder Woman underneath. . Check out MCroft07’s amazing work below:

New RPG that perfectly depicts Dial HUSK’s unique power

HUSK Dial Launched patrol X #1 by Karl and Barbara Kesel and Roger Cruz. Amalgam Comics, published jointly by the two companies, is a spin-off of the giant crossover manga series DC and Marvel. As part of this storyline, the essence of the DC and Marvel universes come together in a final attempt to save them from destruction. As a result, heroes from each universe are combined into “merged” versions, such as the Batman/Wolverine combo Talon. X-Patrol mainly consists of a cross between DC’s Doom Patrol and Marvel’s X-Force, with some lesser known supporting actors added.

By combining Husk/Paige Guthrie with weird DC outliers Dial H for a hero, the creators have found the perfect way to combine two characters into one. Haskell’s mutant powers include her tearing herself to pieces to reveal a new body suitable for any situation, such as a body made of stone or diamond. Dial H for a hero is a comic book series that debuted on the pages of DC in 1966 mysterious house, about a magic dial that turns its user into a new superhero every time the letters “HERO” are dialed. While never one of DC’s most popular features, Dial H for a hero It has come back steadily over the years, perhaps most notably with acclaimed horror novelist China Mieville in a series of films in 2012 and then in 2019 as part of the “Story of the Dead” imprint. great paintings” are short-lived. Although not all DC and Marvel characters are suitable for their combination of roles, Husk and Dial the family number Finally, the perfect combination, the ability of Paige Guthrie complements the concept of “H-Dial” in a unique way.

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It looks like DC/Marvel hybrid heroes like Amalgam Comics’ Dial HUSK won’t be returning in any official capacity, but thanks to cosplayers like MCroft07, these characters will live on forever in the hearts of fans. everywhere.

source: M Croft07

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