How to Get The Azure Skitterfly mount in WoW: Dragonflight

While less experience can pass the experience of riding atop a legendary dragon World of Warcraft: Dragon Legion, flying on a large insect like Azure Skitterfly can get close to some. Of course, Dragonflight’s bug mounts, such as Verdant Skitterfly, Azure Skitterfly or Telix the Stormhorn, are far from the usual bugs that players can ride. Each of these insects is carefully crafted with gorgeous designs and vibrant colors. Likewise, Azure Skitterfly, with its bright blue body and shiny exoskeleton, is sure to stand out in the Dragon Islands.

Unlock the Azure Skitterfly mount World of Warcraft: Dragon Legion Claims level 25 adventurer reputation with the Dragonscale Crusade faction. Once this prerequisite is met, mounts can be purchased from the faction supplier Cataloger Jakes in Dragonscale Base Camp. This requirement sounds simple, but achieving 25 reputation is not an easy task and requires dedication and hard work. Fortunately, the required Dragon Islands main campaign missions will give players a lot of “free” fame for the Dragonscale Crusade faction by default.

Unlock Azure Skitterfly in WoW: Dragonflight

Recommended by YouTuber Arhqirah World of Warcraft: Dragon Legion The player can also complete Dragonscale Expedition side quests by accepting requests from NPCs near Dragonscale Base Camp and Waking Shore. These quests, including those related to dungeons, can only be completed once, but the participant’s reward is a large amount of Standings to unlock Azure Skitterfly dragon family.

On the other hand, the bounty quest OH Dragonscale Crusades can be completed several times a week; Completing Elite quests will always reward players with a higher reputation than normal world quests. Doing discovery-based activities, such as finding Expeditionary Scout packs, artifacts, and treasures, is another great way to gradually level up your reputation.

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Once players reach reputation level 25 in Dragonscale Expedition, they will unlock Skitterflying, which includes a license to purchase Azure Skitterfly from the faction vendor. World of Warcraft: Dragon Legion. The following resources are required to make this purchase:



Dragon Island Supply × 750

  • This resource can be obtained from loot containers on the Dragon Islands.
  • Some quests and events also reward participants with these supplies.
  • Also, most enemies in the Dragon Islands have a chance to drop this resource.

Three-dimensional chicken feather × 20

  • This resource can be obtained as drops from crowds of birds that normally live in the water, such as waterfowl, toddlers, mallards, and mallards.

Iridescent Feathers × 5

  • This source of feathers mainly comes from birds of prey such as eagles, aohunas, ospreys and raptors.

Source: YouTube/Arhqirah

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