Keira Knightley Was Banned From Doing A Boston Accent In New Boston-Set Movie

Keira Knightley says she was banned from speaking with a Boston accent on set strangler in bostonHulu’s new true-crime thriller may be based on the real-life Boston Stranger case, but it focuses less on the killer and more on the two female reporters who broke the story. Knightley plays journalist Loretta McLaughlin, who teams up with Carrie Coon’s Jean Cole to tirelessly follow the Strangler case, even in the face of sexism and corruption.

in spite of strangler in boston Based on the story of a true serial killer, there was one detail that was intentionally made unrealistic during filming. As Knightley revealed Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon, strangler in boston Director Matt Ruskin explicitly forbade her and her co-stars from trying to speak with a Boston accent, even though the film was shot in Boston. Check out what Knightley had to say in the space below:

I want to speak with a Boston accent. The director is from Boston. If you’re not from the streets of Boston, you can’t speak with a Boston accent. So every actor said “Boston accent! It’s our time!” But no, we are not allowed. So it’s a standard American accent.

Boston voice beats a lot of good actors

Many famous actors have tried to bring out their Boston accents in film and television, and many have failed. Some particularly famous examples of a bad Boston accent include Julianne Moore 30 rocksTom Hanks Catch me if you canKevin Costner thirteen daysvivid blake small townAlley Diane perfect stormMel Gibson edge of darkness and michelle williams Desert island. If there’s one movie that best illustrates everything that can go wrong with a Boston accent, it’s Martin Scorsese’s. No religionwhich saw Leonardo DiCaprio, Alec Baldwin and Jack Nicholson all struggle with accents and fall short.

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Considering how ruthless the Bostonians can be when actors try and fail to deliver their particular dialect, it might be wise to strangler in boston Director Ruskin chose to avoid this problem altogether. For her part, Knightley seemed disappointed that she hadn’t experienced what is arguably the most dangerous voice. Despite the lack of authenticity in the way the characters speak, strangler in boston promises a gripping story, with a unique perspective on one of America’s most notorious serial murder cases.

Source: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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