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The gameplay of Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery has interesting puzzles for you to explore. Unlike other puzzle games, you will play as a detective. Show off your professional investigative skills in search of clues. Before diving deep into this game, you can take a look at the numerous awards it has won in the past. That’s something we need to consider as well as take a closer look at Tiny Room Stories. The main character receives a letter from his father. The first fact will take you to the city of Redcliff. You will soon realize the mystery here and know what to do next.

Similar to a detective movie, but here you won’t be the stalker. Players will take on more active roles and Tiny Room Stories gives you a lot of opportunities to become a genius detective. This job makes you feel lonely. Tiny Room Stories are especially true when you step into a city without people. Houses and roads are visible. If you need some charades, try Wordington or Who is?.

Download Small Room Story Mod – Detective Decoding City Mystery

Maybe this letter is like a plea to your father and the people here. Because the scenery in the city is easy to make people think. There was no one there, there were only houses and deserted streets around that made people shiver. Tiny Room Stories allows players who know nothing about forensics and investigations to gradually develop more professional skills. Anything you see in the level can lead to a mysterious story behind it. To best complete the Tiny Room Stories challenges, you’ll need to practice perseverance first. Everything you see is just the surface, there are many more places that will surprise you.

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small room story free mod

detective game

Tiny Room Stories puts you in a lot of trouble throughout the game and you need to think about it all the time to figure out what you need to do next. There are different chapters and you have to read them one by one. Sometimes you don’t know how to proceed. Rest assured, because Tiny Room Stories has suggestions for you. Players of this game will definitely need a lot of patience. Also a way to entertain and practice good virtues for everyone.

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freedom to explore

The chapters in the game allow the player to freely explore everything. Each level of the game has its own difficulty, of course, this difficulty will increase over time. The map and setting can be completely changed through the levels. The city has a lot of problems to deal with. What the hell is going on here, and what is your problem? This is the common goal of all players of “The Little Room of Little Stories”. You’re a true detective and it’s not uncommon to see a dashboard or need to decipher something. Players may even need to repair some tools to get the process working again.

Little room story mod apk

different location

Tiny Room Stories not only has tough puzzles, but also has a map system with many different locations. Residential buildings, ancient catacombs are the place to be. Let’s uncover the mysteries of these places. Become an experienced detective and conquer every difficult story. In addition, Tiny Room Stories also gives players more opportunities to interact.

Quality graphics

With high-quality graphics, players have the best conditions to find clues and evidence. Every detail is designed in 3D. So clarity is something you will be impressed with. However, Tiny Room Stories is a lightweight game that is compatible with almost any device. Many players can easily experience this game.

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Download the small room story mod

Small Room Tales is a game that turns you into a detective. Hone your investigative skills and collect clues to understand the truth about what happened here. Classic missions will test your patience. After reading the letter, download the little room story mod and find your dad your own way.

Download Small Room Tales MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android

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