Heartstopper: 10 Best Quotes

heart block is the latest Netflix sensation that people just can’t seem to stop talking about. The adorable gay love story has yet to be renewed for another season, but fans from around the world are fervently hoping that Netflix will.

One of the best things about the series is the clear, high-quality text. The dialogue is very relevant to the British youth generation and the quotes make sense. Many lines throughout the show are funny, charming, and empowering for the LGBTQ community, but some are particularly memorable.

challenge prejudices

“A manly man can be gay.” – Charlie

Charlie developed feelings for Nick earlier this season. Tao said that it was easy to figure out that Nick was straight because he looked like him, and Tao tried to stop him from falling in love with Nick. Charlie was quick to break the mold by saying that boys can be gay and gay.

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It’s a really important quote in the larger context. It addresses and negates the prevailing stereotypes around the world that gay people are feminine and normal people are masculine. The media has mentioned this many times in a subtle way, but almost never outright.

nick belongs to charlie

“You seem more like yourself when you’re with him.” – Nick’s mother

Olivia Colman Netflix Inspirational Quiz

Nick is a complicated person, and there are many things hidden deep in his heart that even his mother doesn’t know. However, she knows him well and knows when her son is happiest.

In the first few episodes, Nick is confused about his feelings for Charlie. So when his mother told him he looked more like himself when he was with Charlie, it helped him understand how he felt. With other people in his life, he just pretends, but with Charlie, he can be who he really is. It was one of the early signs that strong emotions were developing in Nick.

A lovely, lovely relationship

“You make friends with lesbians in school.” – Darcy

Darcy and Tara dance in Heartstopper.

Darcy is an outgoing and proud gay character heart block. She’s very confident in who she is, and that’s what makes her seem so fun and inspiring, especially to teenagers. Like Nick and Charlie, Tara/Darcy is an LGBTQ+ couple on the show.

When Ellie expressed suspicion that Tara and Darcy were not just friends but actually dating, Darcy commented that Ellie was befriending lesbians at school. It’s a cute and witty comment, but it also shows how confident she is about her sexuality. Rarely does the audience witness such a healthy and not so erotic lesbian romance in the media.

discover sexual desire

“Are you just trying to assume they’re her?” – nickname

Nick sits in Heartstopper form

This is a pivotal moment in the series when Nick finally speaks to some of his inner turmoil. This happens in one of the series’ most critically acclaimed episodes, “The Kiss”. Here, the audience can finally witness Nick and Charlie’s exciting kiss scene.

Before the kiss, Nick admitted that he wasn’t straight, although he didn’t make it clear. Also, it’s important to note that Nick refers to his alleged lover here as “them”, meaning he is using the pronoun they/them to refer to someone he doesn’t. know gender.

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more than a hint of friendship

“You look cute.” – nickname

Nick and Charlie in their group at Heartstopper

Nick and Charlie shared some adorable moments in Season 1 heart blockIn the second episode, Nick goes to Charlie’s house to hang out with Charlie, during which he contradicts his attraction to Charlie.

The audience saw that he wanted to shake hands with Charlie, but he stopped himself. However, when Nick was about to leave Charlie’s house, he called Charlie affectionately, but indirectly conveyed that he wanted to hug Charlie. Then, unable to stop himself, he stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Charlie. This confirms that he not only likes Charlie but considers Charlie a friend.

the irony of Darcy

“We appreciate your service.” – Darcy

Darcy looks shocked in Heartstopper.

Darcy has the best sense of humor and wit in this Netflix original series. The way she has quick answers to almost everything makes the show even more interesting than it already is. In one memorable scene, viewers see Imogen commenting on Tara and Darcy’s relationship.

Imogen didn’t mean anything bad, but the way she commented on them seemed condescending. When Imogen tried to defend herself by saying she was not a homophobic but an ally of the gay community, Darcy responded sarcastically and thanked her for her service. that. It’s one of the best lines and speaks to the frustration people sometimes experience when so-called “allies” are condescending.

below the surface

“Do you ever feel that, you’re just doing things because everyone else is too? Are you afraid of change, or doing things that might confuse or surprise people? Real personality your, like… buried in your Inner for a long time.” long time?” – nickname

Nick looks at Charlie at Heartstopper at Games

In this stunning scene, Nick finally gives the audience a glimpse into his soul. There, he talks to Imogen, gently letting her know that he has no romantic interest in her.

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Nick started talking about the inner turmoil that had been eating away at him from the inside for so long. It was an extremely vulnerable moment for Nick as he opened up and expressed how suffocated he really was. It was a great moment as fans saw the potential in Nick and Imogen’s incredible friendship.

Queer sports experience

“It’s hard to be confident when they all see me as a stereotypical gay guy who can’t play sports.” -Charlie Spring

Harry chooses Charlie at the Heartstopper Cinema

Charlie Spring is an openly gay boy heart block Who is a member of the football team. It’s no big deal, he finds that stereotypes often prevent gay people like him from living the way they want. Charlie also struggles with this when constantly being teased by other rugby players.

This took a toll on his confidence and it was hard for him to give his all when it comes to the sport. When she asked him why he was underperforming, he said it to their fitness coach. Charlie utters this sentence nonchalantly, but it contains a larger truth, which is the reality of so many queer athletes and athletes around the world.

Nick dispels Charlie’s insecurities

“You are the best, the most caring, the loveliest, the most amazing human being in the whole world.” – nickname

Nick and Charlie kiss in the hallway of Heartstopper.

Based on one of the most romantic comic books ever written, heart block There are many romantic scenes that make fans swoon. The final episode is particularly romantic as Nick and Charlie finally overcome all obstacles in their love story. Nick quits the football game, takes Charlie into the building and tells him the wonderful words Charlie has been wanting to hear for so long.

Many people in their school abused Charlie, especially his predecessor Ben. It affects his ego and he doesn’t think he’s good enough for Nick. Thankfully, Nick gave a moving speech and did his best to dispel any of Nick’s insecurities. The speech was followed by a sweet kiss, confirming that everything was fine between them.

Being openly bisexual

“No, I’m, uh… definitely not just a man. It’s called bisexual. Have you heard of that? – Nick

Heartstopper's little tidbits make Nick's moments even better than Heartstopper

One of the most talked-about scenes in the series is the scene where Nick becomes bisexual with his mother in the season 1 finale. The scene is brilliantly played by Kit Connor as Nick, the emotional man. obviously real, crude and vulnerable. Some of the comrades resonated with the inspiring scenery and courage displayed in this touching moment.

Nick was invigorated when he came out about his sexuality and his mother’s positive reaction and acceptance. It’s also a nice end to the season and arc of Nick’s character confronting his sexuality.

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