Why An Iconic Line From Clive Barker’s Hellraiser Was Ad-Libbed

Clive Barker’s 1987 hell screamer Bringing millions into the dark world of the monastery, blending joy and pain into an indistinguishable experience, a particularly harrowing scene includes infamous line never before seen in the script. The film tells the story of Julia, a woman obsessed with her husband’s mysterious brother Frank, and explores the true meaning of terror, lust, and pain.

Perhaps better known for his terrifying yet sexy recluse, hell screamer The first is the story of a human monster, and produces many iconic and highly-quoted lines, such as, “Please don’t cry, it’s a waste of pain”, “We have look here to show you,” and “Even in hell your pain will be legendary.

Perhaps the most iconic line, however, comes in the film’s final scene, when Kirsty Cotton finally manages to reunite the Friars with their fugitive Frank. Now clad in the skin of Larry, played by Andrew Robinson, Frank is hooked and chained to him in a web of torture. Just before the chains actually tore him to pieces, Frank said the now iconic line, “Jesus cried.”

Although this line is now considered one of the most memorable and iconic quotes hell screamerwas not originally in the script and was actually improvised by Andrew Robinson. It’s interesting, as in Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II A documentary about the first two works hell screamer In the film, the line is said to be “f**k you” when Frank expresses anger at Kirsty for sending him back into Friar’s clutches.

However, Andrew Robinson (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) in that scene is Frank, who hates swearing so much that he doesn’t want to read the lines as they are. Instead, the actor decided to replace the swear words with a line he heard as a child and improvise lines that were later used in the final footage. Reports are conflicting as to whether Clive Barker liked it immediately or only after initially being unhappy with the change, but, regardless of the immediacy, it’s clear that Clive likes the line swap enough to use it in the final installment of It’s live.

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“Jesus wept” is perhaps the most famous verse because it is the shortest in the King James Version of the Christian Bible, appearing in John 11:35. Specifically, it deals with Jesus’ reaction to Lazarus’ family and their grief over the death of a loved one. However, the phrase is also commonly used to express anger in British and Irish dialects, often as a quip or even a curse. In the context of the scene, the phrase may have been used to mock Kirsty’s fear and grief as her father was mocked at Frank’s excruciating pain. It could also be seen as a genre of black comedy, as if Frank was basically saying something like “oh trouble” before being torn to pieces.

Fans have been looking at more logical reasons and deeper meanings for the iconic line, a film whose biblical roots are so dark and depraved. However, while it’s not unfair to consider much of this as a side purpose, the real story behind “Jesus Wept” hell screamer More mundane – Andrew Robinson didn’t want to swear at all.

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