Nicolas Cage’s Dracula Recreates Classic Movie In New Renfield Trailer

Renfield Star Nicolas Cage brings his Dracula to life in black and white in the film’s latest commercial. The film will be released on April 14 and will be directed by Lego Batman MovieScreenplay by Chris McKay rick and the deadRyan Ridley, from the original book vampire-Have inspiration from zombie Co-founder Robert Kirkman. Nicholas Hoult plays Renfield, Dracula’s infamous partner who tries to escape his evil vampire master in modern times.

universal image A new TV spot for the series has now been announced ahead of the upcoming series Renfield.

The 30-second clip begins with a flashback showing Renfield and Dracula meeting for the first time. Rendered in crisp black and white, reminiscent of Universal’s 1931 original monster movie vampire With the participation of Bela Lugosi.

Where Nicolas Cage Incorporates Dracula Showman History

Renfield Technically, reimagining the original 1897 vampire A novel by Bram Stoker. Still, it’s clear that it’s not afraid to tap into the characters’ cinematic legacies directly. The 1931 Outing remains one of the most iconic horror films of all time, which explains its presence here, but Cage doesn’t just inherit the mantle from Lugosi.

Many other actors have played Dracula in recent decades. This includes legendary actor Christopher Lee, who played the role in the production of Hammer Films, which started with that bad 1958 outing. the horror of draculaGary Oldman is also known for his role in Francis Ford Coppola’s lavish 1992 film Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Cage performance Renfield It seems to be the synthesis of all the artists that came before him. His stylized performances are taken straight from the classical anthologies of Lugosi and Lee. However, he also brings back the modern gothic feel that Oldman infuses into the character, creating the perfect bridge between the old and new acting styles the film demands.

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