Angry Gran Run MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked) 2.26.1

APK information of Angry Gran Run MOD

1. Unlimited money. 2. Characters to unlock.NOTE: For coins, click on the robot and it’s done!

Never make your grandma angry because Angry Gran Run will prove impossible. She, with her extraordinary strength, will destroy all evil. Chase the spoilers as fast as you can and show them your abilities. It seems to be a masked warrior with a weak appearance. Help her achieve her goals in the easiest way. Do not be hindered by obstacles in the way. There is a fierce battle going on in the street. So experience it as clearly as possible.

Angry Gran Run is a game based on the famous super product Subway Surfers. But it does create a story of its own. Something that seemed impossible is coming so blatantly that you can’t resist. The jump took everyone by surprise. All with a very convenient one-finger operation. But don’t take this as an advantage as it will get harder and harder. Can you surpass your old achievement?

Download mod Angry Gran Run – run over obstacles

The grandmother was placed under special house arrest because she was a danger to the world. But now she has a very secret and fast escape plan. After a successful escape, you must help her run to her safe haven. Along the way, there are chapters of incredible obstacles and valuable items. You must avoid things that can hinder you from running by changing direction or jumping. Collect all the falling coins and boosters. Find as many coins as you can and run as long as you can until you fail. All records can be broken if we strive to improve every day.

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Increased strength

You can completely use the boosters received to take Granny further. We can use this money to give them more power. Each level will help their effectiveness increase significantly and for a long time. For example, when using double coins, you only have ten seconds to get the effect. But after boost, it may take fifteen or twenty seconds to be usable. Can also increase her speed even higher. Increase your score faster with shorter running time. Accumulate higher scores to set a new and more memorable record. This improvement is the result of skill and concentration.

Angry Gran Run Mod Free

personality changes

Not only grandma but all other people also participate in this interesting contest. We have an even more gifted and agile niece. A mysterious ninja with abilities beyond common sense. Friendly aliens with available modern equipment. The sequel is another stellar cast of characters, each with their price tag. You can unlock anyone with your hard earned money. But some characters will require you to pay money or accumulate pieces to be able to own. If we care about them, we can keep them all.

mod apk run big angry

many unique environments

Angry Gran Run builds different maps for you to run easily. Each map is a whole new environment, from pitfalls to additional threats. A temple full of vines and dangerous creatures. Huge city with lots of agents and big threats. In the Angry Gran Run mod, train stations are places where strangers can come and threaten you.

Download Angry Gran Run MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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