Why 1000-Lb Sisters’ Amy Is Comparing Her Baby Pics To Gage’s

1000 lb . sister Amy Slaton-Halterman star, now a mother of two, recently shared a snap of herself with son Gage Dean Hal Gage Deon Halterman. Her photos have been compared and fans have raved about the similarity. Over the past few years, the Salton sisters have been documenting their lives and weight loss journeys for their fans to follow. Throughout the show’s three seasons, 1000 lb . sister Show viewers the difficult journey Amy and her sister Tammy Solton have endured as they try to lose weight to a healthier level. Meanwhile, Tammy has encountered more obstacles than expected on her path towards a healthier life, including 1000 pounds sister With Tammy’s gastrectomy delayed, Amy was able to lose weight and qualify for a gastrectomy in 2019. Since then, she has managed her weight in a healthier way. despite some obstacles in life.

Amy and husband Michael Halterman welcomed their first son Gage in November 2021 and second son Glenn in July 2022 Glenn Allan Halterman. 1000 lb . sister Star Amy has been pregnant for almost two years and keeping her weight steady has become more difficult. Doctors warned Amy not to get pregnant too soon after her gastric bypass surgery, but she ignored their warnings, and despite her weight was higher than her doctor’s predictions. but overall she is still relatively healthy. 1000 lb . sister Amy has mentioned wanting a tubal ligation during her second pregnancy on social media, but hasn’t shared with fans whether she’ll do so.

Amy recently shared a photo of her son, as well as a photo of herself as a baby, and asked her followers to try to tell them apart. Her followers were excitedly trying to decipher the photo when they realized that Amy’s baby photo was at the top left, while Gage was at the bottom left and brother Glen was at the top right. It’s clear that the trio are related, as all three photos look very similar, with similar chubby cheeks and chin. 1000 lb . sister Amy has been sharing updates about her son on social media and fans are happy to see them continue to grow.

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Viewers noticed Amy’s change after becoming a mother. Before Gage was born, 1000 lb . sister The star is committed to her weight loss journey but has difficulty controlling her cravings. After Gage was born, Amy was frustrated with her weight loss, but she is working with her doctors to lose the weight. Fans noticed that Amy’s outlook on life has become more positive since having a son, and 1000 lb . sister This has been recorded. The program states 1000 lb . sister By keeping the house clean, making healthier decisions, and putting her son’s health first, Amy makes a difference.

And another season 1000 lb . sister That has yet to be confirmed, and it looks like we’ll be seeing the Salton sisters again soon. While Tammy has yet to have weight loss surgery, she has been spending time in rehab and seems to be working to lose the weight she can. On the other hand, Amy is already at home with her son and is adjusting to having both a toddler and an infant. Their lives have changed since the drama began, to the extent that some believe that 1000 lb . sister As the series goes on, it’s possible to focus on Amy instead of Tammy. With Amy’s adorable boys pictured here, it doesn’t look like her story will ever be the same again.

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