One Piece’s Epic Straw Hats Vs. Seraphim Battle Finally Begins

Warning: Spoiler for the most anticipated battle One Piece Chapter 1075 femaleRecent history finally begins when the Straw Hats face off against “the strongest creature in the world”, the Seraphim created by Dr. Vegapunk using advanced technology. Despite the incredible strength of the Straw Hat Pirates, even Luffy and his friends could lose this battle.

Chapter 1075 female The person behind the mysterious attack that took place inside Vegapunk’s Labo-Phase has been revealed. The one responsible for attacking Pythagoras (one of Vegapunk’s clones) is S-Snake, a Seraph created by the Boa Hancock clone. Meanwhile, the other Seraphs in Labo-Phase, S-Bear and S-Hawk, attempt to kill the unconscious Lucci and Kaku, causing a confrontation with Luffy and Zoro, who are ready to protect even the enemy. their worst.

The duel between the Straw Hats and the Seraphs has finally begun

Seraphs are man-made creatures that respond to a precise sequence of commands. With that in mind, there are only two possible explanations for their behavior. One is that the original Vegapunk (“Stella”) is mysteriously missing giving them orders, but he doesn’t appear to be giving orders to attack his allies. The second was Saturn, the fifth elder, who had recently arrived near Egghead Island, who had inexplicably communicated with the seraphim. The Five Elders are at the top of the Seraph’s chain of command, but the Seraphs don’t take orders through the signaling snail, which means that Saturn itself must be in the Labo Phase. Also, it still doesn’t explain why Saturn ordered the attack on CP0, unless the Five Elders decide to kill everyone on the island, which is in keeping with their ruthless actions.

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The battle between the Straw Hats and the Seraphim has been revealed since the introduction of the new model, the Pacifist. Up until now, a confrontation had been avoided thanks to Vegapunk’s command of the Seraphim, but that was no longer possible. According to their creators, angels are “the strongest creatures of the sea”. They have the DNA of powerful ocean lords mixed with the DNA of the Moon Man known for their godlike physical attributes. If that wasn’t enough, Seraphim even has the power of an artificial Devil Fruit. Theoretically, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and even the strongest group of straw hats could dominate the angels, but this theory must be tested on the battlefield.

The Straw Hats’ first battle after Wano was their hardest battle

female Surely readers still remember Seraphim S-Hawk fought with Blackbeard, who had the 2 strongest Devil Fruits and was “unharmed”. The Straw Hats’ power has remained untested since their epic battle against Kaido and his crew in Wano, with Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji all unlocking impressive, new powers. female In the end, it will be proven whether the Seraphs are really the strongest creatures in the world, or if the Straw Hat Pirates can prove themselves to be the real Yokohama crew in the great battle. Their first since Wano or not.

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