65’s 5 Biggest Unanswered Questions

Warning: This post contains spoilers 65.compared to many other contemporary action and sci-fi films, 65 Flying over at breakneck speed, leaving many big questions unanswered. from the team behind quiet place, follows Commander Mills (Adam Driver), a pilot and father on a multi-year expedition mission, as he struggles to make ends meet to pay his daughter’s medical bills. When his ship encounters and is severely damaged by a missing asteroid field, it lands on a planet that turns out to be Earth 65 million years ago, the sole survivor of which is a man named Koa (Aria). Ariana Greenblatt) young girl. This compelling premise sets the stage for the action to come.

The pair must traverse desolate biomes, fending off the kingdom’s prehistoric predators and 65 broke a lot Jurassic Park As Mills and Koa try to find the last surviving escape cocoon, their journey becomes more difficult as communication is separated by a language barrier. Their peril forces them to depend on each other for survival, and their mission becomes difficult and emotional. In a flash of 93 minutes, 65 Put the audience right into the action without pause, leaving many plot points unresolved and open-ended questions, possibly even for a sequel. There are 5 open issues here 65.

Why 65 years without medical socialization?

Science fiction often sets out a better future for tomorrow’s world, as in interstellar travel, basic human needs are met. This raises the question of why there isn’t some sort of socialized drug on Mills’ planet. Mills’ species possessing freezers, still a common joke in science fiction, is now considered scientifically impossible, but could not prevent the death of his daughter. On Earth, it may have been 65 million years ago, but it’s unclear why he had to go on a multi-year mission, just to pay for his daughter’s hospital bills.

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Maybe 65 Trying to make a statement about the dangers of a capitalist society, or more about why a civilization with laser guns and spaceships would let its citizens die because they can’t afford it. pay for health care. The illness that caused his daughter’s death is still unknown, so there may be no cure, but after discussing with his wife the financial impact of his mission, he seems to believe that there is still hope. Also don’t understand why his daughter can’t lock herself up to prevent her from degenerating.

4 How are Koa & Mills different from humans?

Movie Trailer Adam Driver 65

65 The Rotten Tomatoes score is poor, probably because the writer and director made some really weird creative decisions, such as separating Mills and Koa into two separate species even though they look a lot like humans. interstellar travel Franchise, give them a slightly different look to make them stand out. All of this raises the question of how their species differ from humans.

One of the most obvious reasons why Mills and Koa aren’t human, if they were, 65 Like a time travel movie they would read about dinosaurs at school or watch Jurassic Park Movie. It is important that they treat prehistoric Earth as an alien world to raise the threat level. 65 Without going into depth how Mills species differ from humans, though some additional conversation, perhaps about how they breathe easily on Earth with an atmospheric oxygen level of 30%, would help. very useful.

Why do dinosaurs look weird?

Driver Adam, 65

this 65 The trailer doesn’t do a great job of showing off the design of the dinosaurs, and the movie keeps most of the creatures Mills and Koya encounter to a minimum. This creates some really tense moments, but some aspects of the dinosaur make no sense. Some dinosaurs have undergone significant changes, such as theropods becoming tetrapods, making historical accuracy unlikely to be a priority in production. However, the exact reason why these aesthetic decisions are made remains a mystery.

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Other dinosaur movies have worked hard to keep their designs in line with the latest scientific discoveries and 65 continue one Jurassic world Fixed bug by placing feathers on some of its creatures. But overall, these dinosaurs often look more like aliens, which is problematic given the episode’s setting. Even a medium budget movie like this 65 There shouldn’t be any reason to ignore the fact that modern dinosaurs are designed and built to look like the creatures used in ’60s sci-fi movies.

Where will 2 Mills and Koa go next?

65 Driver Adam Ariana Greenblatt

DO 65 To add to the excitement, Mills and Koa must make their way to their escape before the meteor hits Earth, an event that will essentially wipe out the dinosaurs and everything else on Earth. Somehow, the escape capsule is fully functional and they fly into space, seemingly scheduled to meet a rescue ship, but anything can happen along the way. The film ends abruptly, with Mills and Koa expressing gratitude as they step into the unknown, happy to be alive.

What’s not clear yet is exactly what will happen next for Mills and Koa. because 65 Having failed at the box office, their adventure may not go on, but there are a few ways it could go on. The escape chamber could malfunction, or the lifeboat could crash, forcing them to seek help elsewhere. Or some kind of threat might have entered the ship (like a giant insect that burrowed into Koa’s mouth while she was sleeping), forcing them to make an emergency landing somewhere. Koa’s parents may be dead, but Mills will definitely want to get back to his wife. That means there are a lot of unresolved plot points at the end 65.

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Will there be 65 sequels?


At this point, it’s hard to say whether 65 There will be a sequel, but based on Rotten Tomatoes’ poor score and poor reviews, it seems like a dead movie. It’s a shame because Driver delivers a performance that has an incredible emotional and physical base, and the rest of the cast, which includes Greenblatt, Chloe Coleman, and Nika King, is just as good. 65 Get a sequel, and there’s plenty of room to build more worlds, especially since the movie seems to be just scratching the surface of Mills’ species, and he and his wife still have a chance to adopt a Koa when they return home.

if 65 Without a sequel, the fates of Mills and Koa are already set, and perhaps this is too. Of all the sequels and major blockbusters, 65 Take your chance to be one of those mid-budget sci-fi movies that aren’t actually being produced anymore. For all its ambitious ideas, it may not have been successful, but it told an original story with plenty of room for further exploration. Star Wars treatment or become a franchise, but 65 Really fun and leaves a lot to the imagination.

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