Who Is Will Kulp From “Southern Hospitality”?

Southern Hospitality, a spin-off of Southern Charm, is a new show by Bravo. The new reality TV series, Republic Garden & Lounge, will star Leva Bonaparte as the lead actress and will focus on the staff in her nightclub. Will Kulp is a member of the Leva restaurant team. He is a bartender who used to be a model in New York. According to Bravo’s description, he was a “brilliant student” who explored modeling in New York before moving to Charleston permanently. Will will be portrayed as a loyal lover but also a handsome bartender at Southern Hospitality. According to the series trailer, he is dating co-star Emmy Sharrett.

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Learn more about Will Kulp and his romantic life.

Will Kulp decided to return home after some modeling gigs in New York. Will, who was born and raised in Charleston, has lived with his parents since returning from New York. Will’s family consists of four people: brother, father Tim, mother Katie and brother Jack. Will works as a bartender at Lev Bonaparte’s nightclub, Republic Garden & Lounge, in Charleston. However, she continued to model for Muse Men. According to his bio on Bravo, he has a girlfriend, Emmy, who works as a VIP waiter at the same nightclub.

Will’s biography says:

“Will Kulp, a native of Charleston, was born and raised in the city. A talented modeling student in New York, after bumping into a scout, has finally returned home and is now living with her parents. Although he didn’t get as far in his career as he would have liked, he knew that this was a unique period in his life. He works at the nicest restaurant in town and has a lovely girlfriend, Emmy, who he adores.”

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Emmy and Will seem comfortable watching. Emmy went out for a meeting with staff, and when asked by colleagues what the problem was, she said it was time to take the birth control pill. She shouts Will’s name in the middle of the meeting and asks him to take the medicine from her purse. Some were shocked when he gave it to her and some said it was “very cute”. Emmy revealed in the confessional that the couple had been in love for six months.

In another candid video, Will said:

“I love Emmy. I served my sentence as a single man. After a while, going out with 50 or 100 women gets tiresome.”

Only time will tell whether Will’s love life survives the first season of Southern Hotel.

When does Southern Hospitality launch on Bravo?

Leva Bonaparte and her husband Lamar Bonaparte own four restaurants in Charleston, one of which is Republic Garden & Lounge. It’s one of the liveliest nightclubs in Charleston, with a large staff.

The official summary of Southern Hospitality is as follows:

“Leva Bonaparte, Southern Charm’s resident chef, oversees her own ‘it’ crowd in Charleston, aka her big group at Republic Garden & Lounge.” Leva and her husband Lamar run four restaurants on the city’s famous King Street, but Republic is their crown jewel.”

Will Kulp

The cast also includes Maddi Reese, Bradley Carter, Joe Bradley, Mia Alario, TJ Dinch, Mikel Simmons, Grace Lilly and Luca Pea, along with Leva, Emmy and Will. Season 1 of Southern Hospitality will air on Bravo on Monday, November 28 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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