What We Do In The Shadows: Nadja’s Transformation Over The Seasons (In Pictures)

Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the FX show “What We Do in the Shadows.”

In the fourth installment of the similarly hilarious documentary going on, What do we do in the dark?, continues to introduce the wacky antics of vampires. Nadja has had a particularly difficult time in the latest season, as it’s not easy to run a nightclub full of disgruntled ghosts. The fan-favorite vampire has been through a lot over the years, but in the process, she’s just become an exaggerated version of herself.

Several constants of Nadja’s personality remain unchanged, including her love relationship with Laszlo, her insistence that she is always right, witty insults, and shocking outbursts. hers. Small changes mark big moments in her character’s development, such as how she’s more willing to help Guillermo or how she’s become stronger in the latest episodes.

Part 1

Nadja’s unique comedic and outspoken personality was confirmed in the first season, and one of the first things fans knew about her was her long marriage to Laszlo. They are definitely the best couple WWDITS, but that hasn’t stopped Nadja from occasionally wandering in search of longtime lover Gregor. Gregor’s haunting storyline has made him an irreplaceable recurring character in the series as he shows a different side of Nadja.

In addition to her romantic feats, the first season also shows how important her fame and place in the vampire community is to Nadja. When they were in charge of staging that year’s contest, she did everything she could to make sure it was perfect and avoid permanent embarrassment — and it’s no surprise it flopped. That arc highlights her arrogance and irritation, while also showing that she’s not always impressed by Laszlo’s actions and decisions. Finally, several episodes mark the beginning of her tumultuous relationship with the Council of Vampires, who sentenced her and her roommate to death before the end of the season.

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Season 2

Nadja smiles at her doll in what we do in the dark.

Nadja knows some strange characters in the occult community, and that is shown when she gets in touch with the Necromancer Wallace when the group has problems with a new acquaintance. Her ability to form new connections is also highlighted as she summons her own ghost and then becomes so comfortable with her that she becomes a regular character on the show. . That said, she also makes a lot of enemies, which is why she quickly scolds her elderly neighbor Joan when she learns her necklace has been stolen.

Another foe, the witch Lilith, kicks off one of Nacha’s most iconic scenes in the series, as she recounts how her opponent deserved “five drops of enemy saliva like that.” any”. The season continues to explore the imperfections of Nadja and Laszlo’s marriage, which is reinforced when Colin convinces them to perform his hits at a bar. Nadja’s sensitivity to her own childhood is also shown in the rift between her and Nandor after she discovers that he has looted her village. She likes to talk about her humble origins, even if it sounds like a horrible experience to ordinary people.

Part 3

The first season of the series revolves around Van Helsing’s mighty Guillermo, which angers Nadja because her roommate doesn’t want to kill him right away. Her quick decision shows how ungrateful and cruel she is, which she shows again later when she kills a rebellious vampire to prove the point of the Vampire Council. Her back and forth with Nandore about which of them will rule the council is a major plot point of the season, and it also happens to underline her ruthlessness.

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When Sire was accidentally released, Nadja manipulated Nandor into thinking it was his fault, even though she was involved. All the stress and her busy work have left her ghost feeling left out, leading to a dramatic scene where she runs away from home. The chaotic environment makes Nadja realize that she has also neglected her own needs. However, the idea was thrown out the window when she received an invitation to join London’s highest council of vampires, an invitation only a select few receive.

season four


In the fourth season of the series, Nadja is stronger than ever, with her tantrums and outbursts having physical effects and shattering objects around her. At this point, everyone knows what she wants and she will get it, so when she asked to open a nightclub, the gang gathered behind her to make it happen. . Her latest antics involve running a business that has faced challenges like the Richie Suck situation and the specter of growing discontent.

A big part of her character development this season has been her uncanny kindness to Guillermo. When she sees how stressed he is about Nandore’s wedding, she really decides to help by sharing some of his duties. That’s not her personality at all, which is why it’s strange to see her continue to support him when his family arrives. She lowers her pride, pretends to be his girlfriend so he won’t get in trouble, then hypnotizes his family to forget the fact that he’s admitted to being Family. It’s interesting to see her warm to others while maintaining her ruthless and unpredictable side.

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