Elden Ring: Where To Farm Four-Toed Fowl Foot

To create the many silver and gold-infused claws in the Elden Ring, Tarnished must effectively develop the four-fingered claws from the guillotine.

Chicken feet with four claws are Elden’s ring Used to make silver soaked chicken feet and gold soaked chicken feet. Silver Chicken Feet increases the drop rate of items from slain enemies, while Golden Chicken Feet increases runes obtained. If the player wants to craft any of these recipes, they must get the mission recipe [2] And [3].

The missionary cookbook [2] Holds with Patches and can be purchased at Murkwater Cave and Missionary’s Cookbook [3] Lying on a corpse in a smoldering church.

The three ingredients you need to make marinated chicken feet Elden’s ring, the four-toed chicken paw is probably the hardest to get, as this item can only be obtained from dropped mobs, especially the penguin and eagle guillotine. While eagles can also be used to breed four-toed bird’s feet, this guide will focus on guillemot breeding sites because they have a much higher drop rate.

A Defiler sits on their Torrent, overlooking the Limgrave region of the Elden Ring, with the golden Erdtree towering over the horizon.

exist eldon ring, Guillemots live on beaches and cliffs near bodies of water, most commonly found in the Ringgrave. Hunting them rewards the player with flying gears and their four-toed paws. However, chicken feet have a significantly lower drop rate than feathers, making them more difficult to raise, especially if the player doesn’t know where to look. Luckily, there are three great farming spots in the Lands Between where players can quickly hunt guillotines for Elden’s ring.

In the Land between the first and the first place to raise four-toed poultry legs was on the west coast Elden’s ringRinggrave area. As detailed in the following YouTube video from Madokon, the player must first head to the ruins of Grace Shore Cave, and then follow the shoreline to spot swarms of guillotines lying atop the rubble and rubble. Check out the entire farming process here:

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As mentioned above, players should ride on rapids when raising Four-Toed Chicken Legs along this route, as this will increase the player’s speed along the coast.

Split-screen image of two different locations on the Elden Ring map, with icons showing four-toed chicken feet in some areas.

Another great place to grow four-toed chicken feet Elden’s ring It is located on the northwest bank of the Fourth Marika Church on the Weeping Peninsula. Starting in the Land of Grace, the player can jump off the cliff edge and start raising birds until they encounter two giant octopus enemies on land. Quickly return to the church and repeat the process.

The only challenge with this type of 4-claw pedicure is that if the player falls too high on the cliff, they can fall to the ground and die. Therefore, players should make sure they have enough HP to withstand the fall or find a lower ledge to fall. Using Soft Cotton has benefits, but if players are wasting such a valuable resource, they won’t want to do it over and over again. Elden’s ring The long-tailed cat charm, which the player can use to greatly reduce damage from falls. Watch this video about Stickybirdpoo on YouTube for the exact location:

The third best place to grow four-toed chicken feet Elden’s ring Is a small cliff near the Greatbridge Site of Grace impassable in Caelid. There are only three guillotines perched on the mountainside, but they are very close to Graceland, making them an effective four-toed chicken farm for players equipped with long slash attacks or AoE abilities to kill. all birds at once. Watch Devaster on YouTube kill some Guillemots with Hoarfrost Stomp below:

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With these three places, raise chicken legs with four claws Elden’s ring Should be a breeze. Players should be careful to pick up any additional Roas or Fireflies they find while searching for Bird’s Foot, as both will appear when crafting Farm Materials.

The profession of making chicken feet inlaid with gold and silver

Three cookbooks from the Elden Ring overlap the game's scene

The following two items can be crafted after the player has spent enough time at their chosen four-toed chicken leg farm. Remember the evangelical formulas [2] Required for Golden Chicken Feet, which kicks off rune collecting and the Evangelist’s Cookbook [3] Required for Silver Soaked Chicken Feet, which increases item discovery.

Silver Soaked Chicken Feet Recipe

Golden marinated chicken feet recipe

Chicken feet 4 claws x1

Chicken feet 4 claws x1

Rova Fruit x3

Rova Fruit x3

Silver Firefly x1

Golden Firefly x1

Source: Madokon/YouTube, Stickybirdpoo/YouTube, Devaster/YouTube

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