DCU Fan Art Imagines Euphoria’s Jacob Elordi As New Superman

DC Universe fan art has recently been imagining Jacob Elordi as Superman, following news that Henry Cavill won’t be returning for the role. Although his social media posts announce that he will appear at black adamThe ending scene, fans of Cavill and his superhero role recently received a disappointing update, with James Gunn confirming that the actor will not be returning to his role in the film. next part superman project. Theories have begun to circulate about who might take on this role in the future, and Elordi is a name that comes up quite often. Known for his work kiss booth and HBO HappinessElordi has gained more recognition and is currently starring in Elvis Presley, Sofia Coppola’s upcoming film, Priscilla.

Now, as fans continue to campaign for their ideal Superman cast, an artist with the username Clements.Ink is sharing what Elordi would look like in the role. In the image posted to Instagram, the actor wears the hero’s signature cape, as well as a suit similar to those depicted in the past. Comments are understandably divided, as many people are still wondering about the decision to involve Cavill, or have another choice for the role, but there are also others who prefer Elordi. Check out Superman fan art below:

Why DCU remake Superman

Cavill’s Superman has amassed a huge fan base since 2013 steel manbut the character only appeared in a few subsequent projects, the last time in Justice League by Zack Snyder before appearing black adam This year. With Gunn and Peter Safran becoming co-chairs of DC Studios, many are wondering about the actor’s condition, especially after his recent cameo and his departure from Netflix. that wizardGunn recently revealed that Cavill won’t be playing Superman in the sequel, saying that the story will revolve around a younger version of the hero. Cavill also took to social media to inform fans of the decision, noting that Gunn and Safran are rebuilding the DC universe.

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According to previous reports, steel man A sequel is in development, and many DCU fans are excited about the possibility of seeing Cavill reprise his role in a solo movie. However, when news began to leak about the franchise’s potential future, it was revealed that the final project would not happen. Gunn responded to online fan comments about the popular hero’s next appearance in the DCU, sharing that Superman has some priorities. While Cavill’s departure was a shock to many, the decision allowed Gunn and Safran to reboot DC’s content entirely, and by starting over, they were able to build a universe Share more consistently across movies and TV.

It will be interesting to see who takes on the role of Clark Kent/Superman next, and to see how the character’s early years shape his story in the DCU. While Elordi’s name continues to come up in discussion, other actors who have been pushed by fans include David Corenswet and Austin Butler. It’s doubtful how much Superman’s success will be affected by all the constant complaints about Cavill’s departure, but perhaps the right cast will get fans’ support. as well as the rest of the DCU.

Source: clements.ink/Instagram

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