Unexpected: What Happened To Emiley Noack After Season 2 Of TLC Show?

TLC reality series about teenage parents, Accident, has seen some interesting and unique relationships between expectant teenage couples and their entire families. This season features a plethora of pregnant teens, their own mothers, and even grandmothers who are also teen parents, a unique dynamic that underpins the classic teen/father struggle about who knows who best. Battle plays a major role when it comes to Season 2’s Emily Noack, her mother Bridget, and Diego Reyes, the stubborn father of Emily’s children.

In season two, Diego openly admits that he doesn’t like or respect Bridget, and that he started dating Emily just because she looked like the athletic, independent girl who would work his own instead of sticking with him. Understandably, none of this went smoothly, and Emily ended up feeling lonely and abandoned when Diego wasn’t around. That’s all the more poignant considering how close Diego, Fabian and Emiley’s fathers were. It was heartbreaking, it was clear that Diego wasn’t ready to be the boyfriend or husband Emily needed.

After leaving the show, Emily took to social media to share her advice on how to continue living and dating as a young single mom. She met her new boyfriend Hunter while following her on Instagram. Emiley was nervous about introducing Hunter to the world, but finally made it official on Instagram on January 12, 2020. The couple was recently in the news when they decided to move in. an RV with Aria. Apparently, Hunter had to travel a lot (apparently involving plumbing and welding), and Emiley was tired of being apart. Now, the whole family travels together and Emiley loves her new life on the road. Check out this sweet family unit below:

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In addition to her new RV life, Emiley regularly posts photos of her daughter on social networks. Her feed is filled with fun photos of Aria going on various adventures, including days in the snow, ATV rides, and birthday parties. Emily has made it clear that she will not pass up the opportunity to be on the show. The negativity and hatred that surfaced after the drama was broadcast left her speechless. She doesn’t contact her Accident No more co-stars. In a YouTube video from February 2020, she said, “WI’ve been on different roads in my life…I don’t like what they like…but still support whatever they do. “

As for her relationship with Diego and his family, it is also going well. Diego joined the army, and it looks like he’s really turned the tide for himself. In the early days of the pandemic, before Emily moved to the RV, Diego’s father, Fabian, helped babysit Alia while Emily went to work. Emily also said that her relationship with her mother is progressing well.

Source: Emily’s YouTube, Emily’s Instagram

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