Travis Kelce is injured but could still play during Thursday night’s Chiefs game!

Travis Kelce provides an update on his ankle injury, which he suffered while playing in the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the Minnesota Vikings.

The 34-year-old sprained his ankle after an offensive play, and Chiefs fans held their breath as they watched their star player look like he suffered a season-ending injury.

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“I twisted my ankle. He was unlucky. If you watch it in slow motion, my ankle slips,” she said on the “New Heights” podcast.

He then called himself “grandfather.” While 34 is not old by any means, many soccer players don’t play until they are 30.

“I’m just here being very old and just killing myself. Because I won’t be tackled or injured. No one is doing this to me except me,” she shared. The injury occurred on a play in which Travis slipped on the field, not while he was being tackled by a defensive player.

He also said he feared he had broken his ankle initially.

He added: “At first I felt some things happening with my ankle, it didn’t feel very good. That’s why when I first threw it I came off the field, I couldn’t really put much weight on it.”

NFL expert Ian Rapoport (who recently shared 10 fun facts with Just Jared) revealed that Travis could still play in tomorrow night’s game against the Denver Broncos.

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