NOVA: Fantasy Airforce 2050 MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked, high defense) 3.5.1

Do you dream of owning your own spaceship? You’ve always wanted to fly that spacecraft into space one day. Real space exploration, not just through books or courses? Then play NOVA: Fantasy Airforce 2050 now. Together pilot a spaceship into space and fight against countless enemy squadrons. Defend your dear world and become a talented pilot in no time.

The time is set to 2051 and the Earth is no longer habitable. We humans have to leave our homes and migrate into space to find new habitats. After a long journey, they found it in 2064. A planet with a similar habitat to the old Earth and a suitable ecosystem. They settled and named the new planet NOVA. They begin to build a new, better life on it. But it didn’t take long before they were debunked and invaded by an organization called the Empire. Facing the risk of losing a dear second home. They cooperate to protect NOVA.

Download NOVA: Fantasy Airforce 2050 mod – become a real pilot

Coming to NOVA: Fantasy Airforce 2050, you will be controlling an extremely advanced fighter aircraft. Your mission is to fly into space and destroy enemy planes. Finger control on the touch screen of the smartphone. Pay attention to eliminate and avoid enemy bullets, otherwise you will be eliminated. Hone your fighting skills through the levels. Destroy all the Empire’s planes to prevent them from entering the field. Try to get as many points as possible with your flying skills.

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modern space

The graphics and sound of NOVA: Fantasy Airforce 2050 are part of the player’s attraction. The futuristic world with advanced technology is full of life and sound. When playing, you will feel like you are in another world. The modern, crisp notification sound of the system makes players excited. Feel like you are flying a futuristic high-tech fighter plane.

NOVA Fantasy Air Force 2050 Mod

future weapon

The item system in NOVA: Fantasy Airforce 2050 is very diverse. As you pass each level, you will earn money and weapon upgrade cards. You can choose and upgrade your fighter to the necessary ones. To have a modern and newer fighter you need to buy them. The more expensive the fighters, the more damage they do. They allow you to pass difficult levels more easily. Help you improve your abilities and reach more difficult levels. And don’t forget to equip and upgrade more weapons for your plane. They are very useful in assisting you to destroy enemy aircraft.

NOVA 2050 Fantasy Air Force Android

travel everywhere

In NOVA: Fantasy Airforce 2050 is on a mission to protect the beloved planet. You will be able to go to every corner of planet NOVA. Everything from endless space to vast forests, rivers, oceans and towering mountains. All will be experienced in different dance missions. Each mission is a habitat for planet NOVA. It is now possible to fly fighters over all areas. Not only in your thoughts and fantasies.

NOVA Fantasy Airforce 2050 mod apk

difficult task

It’s not just about fighting the enemy’s flying fleet. You even have to fight against more powerful enemies. Not to mention there are giant tanks equipped with many types of artillery, or armored helicopters with dense ammunition stores. Then there are the amazing unmanned aircraft carriers, and even giant mechanical beasts. They are very dangerous bosses that you cannot easily overcome. In addition, the reward for killing them is extremely generous. Train your fighter jet control skills and upgrade powerfully. Use it to fight against destructive machines.

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NOVA 2050 Fantasy Air Force APK

feel the vibration

Sound of War takes you from towering peaks to vast and desolate plains. Go to the deepest part of enemy territory. The epic battle tune will transport you into the world of NOVA: Fantasy Airforce 2050. Recreate the most terrifying and realistic battles. Make you enthusiastic and fascinated by the gameplay of the game. What could be better than this. So let’s download NOVA: Fantasy Airforce 2050 mod with me and experience the most authentic. Become the most talented pilot and put your name on the leaderboard.

Download NOVA: Fantasy Air Force 2050 MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Money, Unlocked, High Defense)

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