6 Ways Top Gun 3 Can Fully End Maverick’s Story

there are many way top gun 3 complete maverick Top Guns Stories After Franchising Success Top Gun: Maverickbut not all of these options are equally beneficial to the franchise journey.tom Top Guns The hero’s uniqueness is a key factor in the success of the sequel. The new cast of Miles Teller and Glen Powell also impressed the audience, Top Gun: MaverickThe main character is back Top Guns hero. The original anti-hero’s journey dominates the action of the sequel, and most of all Top Gun: MaverickRave credits Cruise’s performance for providing the much-needed emotional kernel to this stellar sequel.

though, Top Gun: MaverickTerrible’s original idea was to minimize Cruise’s role in the sequel. This can be catastrophic because Top Gun: Maverick shows that the series’ villain still has a compelling character arc to complete even in Top GunsA seemingly optimistic ending. It means, Top Gun: MaverickA more triumphant ending brings the story of the Mavericks to a successful conclusion. Now, the franchise faces the opposite problem. top gun 3 Almost certain to happen thanks to historic box office success Top Gun: Maverick. The sequel will need to deal with Cruise’s character’s fate, but it can be difficult because Top Gun: Maverick gave its typical hero the perfect escape.

6 Top Gun 3 Can Turn off Maverick Offscreen

distant top gun 3 Handling Cruise’s return will be an off-screen Killing Maverick sequel. top gun 3 Killing Cruise could have been a mistake because his character is so popular, Iceman died in Top Gun: Maverick Really paved the way for that turn. That said, an off-screen death would be the repulsive end to Maverick’s story. At least, top gun 3 Even if the sequel kills Maverick, it should keep Cruise’s character on screen. Killing an off-screen character would betray Maverick’s core role in the series, making it one of the worst choices ever. top gun 3.

5 Mavericks Can Die In The Line Of Fire In Top Gun 3

The scene from Top Gun: Maverick in Maverick salutes the coffin in full uniform

If Maverick died in a hail of bullets in one of these top gun 3action sequences, that would be a more suitable death for him. However, this turning point may still be too harsh for a series about escapism. Even though Iceman died in Top Gun: Maverickhe did so for many years after his happy retirement, Mavs even chatted with the ailing character, and it was clear that his old nemesis lived a good and fulfilling life. In contrast, Maverick spent most of his first few decades Top Guns And Top Gun: Maverick Freed from himself, he finds peace only at the end of the sequel after burying beef with Gus’ son Rooster.

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So it would be cruel to kill Maverick in a dogfight right after the character had just found happiness in his new family. Top Guns series itself. Like its predecessor (which famously glorified the Navy to the point of absurdity), Top Gun: Maverick Not a war movie. Instead of portraying war in a realistic way, this series offers a fantasy that is completely detached from the reality of brutal, immoral conflict. So killing Maverick mid-flight would bring realism into a series that never took it seriously.

4 Maverick can retire in Top Gun 3

top gun maverick tom journey

if the calf retires top gun 3this can give the character a suitable fate. Admittedly it’s hard to imagine Top Gun: Maverick stable. However, before Top Gun: MaverickAlso beyond imagination Top GunsThe pompous anti-hero earns any modesty. Top Gun: Maverick After proving (through Maverick and Penny’s romance) that the character can slow down and learn to appreciate life’s simple pleasures, Maverick deserves a break. Not only that, but also Top Guns The team now has several young stars to take on his lead role.

3 Top Gun 3 can fulfill Maverick’s promise

Maverick looks scared while flying in Top Gun Maverick

Although by Tony Scott top gun 2 The pilot will see pilots grappling with the fact that their jobs have become unsuitable due to drone wars, a storyline for which the sequel was ultimately scrapped. However, top gun 3 It’s possible to focus on this plot and fulfill the original promise of a sequel in the process. Firstly, Top Gun: Maverick Looks like it’s turning Maverick into a trainer before the final episode puts him back in the cockpit. top gun 3Conversely, Maverick could be forced to change his mind by giving him the role of a mentor, meaning the anti-hero needs to use his wits instead of his ability to fly to save his life. day.

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Tom Cruise in Top Gun Maverick-1

many decades have passed Top Guns And Top Gun: Maverickbut the hero of the franchise has turned down any ads for the time being. However, his heroism Top Gun: Maverick It is inevitable that the promotion that makes the role late is inevitable. Promotion is the least important thing in many ways top gun 3 Maverick will need to be given, as Cruise’s character can’t keep the captain’s armband without extending the already fragile credibility of the series. However, top gun 3 It is possible to make this change the central conflict in the plot, as Maverick may struggle with the responsibilities and fixed, detached nature of being an Admiral.

1 Top Gun 3 can completely give up on Maverick

top gun maverick tom journey

This is a very risky idea, but Top Guns The series could keep Cruise’s character off the screen top gun 3. Maverick could happily spend time with Penny and his stepdaughter without him getting involved in adventures like scream 6 Addressing Neve Campbell’s absence. It seemed like a bad scenario, but it was a box office success screamThe latest sequel proves that the blockbuster franchise can return to the silver screen without the famous central stars. However, for this twist to work, top gun 3 Need an eye-catching hook.No Top Guns maverick franchise hero, Top Gun: Maverick the sequel can be hard to make top gun 3 feel necessary.

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