The Sopranos: All FBI Informants In The Show, Ranked

Despite being hunted by the FBI for years, Tony Soprano was never charged and jailed. This is really admirable. In Tony’s words, there are always two endings for a gang boss – imprisonment or death. Although he was never jailed, there has been speculation that Tony died at the hands of a man wearing a members-specific coat during the final minutes of the series’ finale.

Throughout the series, good FBI agents do their best to take down Tony Soprano. They planted wiretaps in his basement and turned some of his colleagues into informants. None of these strategies work. But although the FBI informants did not press charges against Tony, their actions led to the arrest and prosecution of several other gang members.

Carlo Gervasi

Can not support Carlo Gervasi homophobia. He reveals Vito’s gender, causing the crowd to flee to avoid being killed. Despite being given a lot of responsibility, he didn’t do his job well and Tony complained that Carlo was underpaid.

Carlo’s situation is unfortunate as he remains loyal and ends up turning against his colleagues in the series’ finale. Gallo decided to work with the FBI to sign a deal for his son, who was arrested on drug charges. Despite his obnoxious traits, Carlo was never defeated.

Phoebe Petrurio

Tony strangles a witness under witness protection

Despite only appearing for a total of 15 minutes in the film, Febby is best remembered for playing the traitor Tony strangled in the critically acclaimed episode “College”. When Tony and his daughter Meadow were looking for college, he found him at a gas station.

The former gangster is low on this list because he did a great job in the witness protection program but screwed it up. He was kicked out of the show for drug trafficking. This way, he was exposed, so Tony managed to kill him.

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jack massalon

Jack Massarone, owner of a construction company, is easy to play with Tony. A gang boss organizes a protest at Jack’s business, forcing him to enlist the help of the DiMeo family to stop the protest. Tony promised to stop the protests if he was cut off from business. Jack agrees but becomes displeased. Finally he started stealing.

When he met Tony, he was wearing a baseball cap. However, Jack is not confident enough and Tony becomes suspicious. Tony eventually gave the order to attack, and Massalon’s body was found in the trunk.

Eugene Pontekovo

Eugene Pontecorvo looks depressed in The Sopranos.

Eugene’s career as a successful man was remarkable until his deceased aunt’s will designated him as the heir to her estate. His wife sees no need for him to stay in the Mafia, so she begins to pressure him to give up so they can move to Miami for a quieter life. He makes a request to Tony, but Tony refuses.

Apparently Eugene is also cooperating with the FBI. After Ray died, the FBI also prevented him from moving to Miami so he could help them file a lawsuit against Tony. Feeling trapped, Eugene took his own life.

Jimmy Altieri

Jimmy Altieri was accused by Christopher and Paulie of being an informant

Capo Jimmy Altieri’s tenure as informant was short, largely because none of his superiors liked him. When a corrupt FBI agent tells Tony that Big Cat is snooping, Tony thinks the agent mistook Pussy for Jimmy due to their similar size. It didn’t help that Jimmy kept asking too many questions, making Tony suspicious of him.

The FBI agent died without Tony confirming who he was referring to, so he concluded that Jimmy was the informant and not the cat. Turns out they both actually work for the FBI. Jimmy is eventually killed by Silvio and Christopher, who first mock him by making him call his FBI friends for help over his telegram.

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Larry “Lorenzo” Barezer

Larry Barese at the capo meeting inside Bing

Lorenzo is often portrayed as the restrained and humorous member of the DiMeo crime family, so it was a surprise when it was later revealed that he was an informant. The head of the Barese gang helps the FBI find the body of a victim murdered by Tony over 25 years ago.

Lorenzo doesn’t have much personality development, making him an average informant. Interestingly, the actor who plays Larry Barris, Anthony Borgese, is a real-life member of the Gambino crime family. After being found guilty of extortion, he was placed under house arrest for six months.

Salvatore Bompensiero

Big Pussy from The Sopranos wears a jacket and shirt.

Big Pussy is the most popular informant on the show. Years later, his colleagues discovered that he was working for the FBI. It might have been like this for a while if Tony hadn’t had a strange dream suggesting the big cat was bad.

The original character covered his tracks very well. He even killed a mob member who caught him talking to his FBI controller. When he disappeared for a while, he falsely claimed that he had gone abroad for medical treatment. In the last days of his life, he became too fond of his secret work and began to chase suspects like a policeman. He is very interesting. Sadly, he didn’t make it past season 2.

Jimmy Petril

Johnny Sack's advisor Jimmy Petrille was found to be an informant

At the end of season 5, the officer has been an informant since 1981. Since the events of the episode take place in 2004, Petrille’s status as a rat lasts 23 years. That is quite impressive. Petrille’s cooperation gave the FBI enough clues to hunt down Lupertazzi’s second-in-command, Johnny Sack.

While Johnny was with Tony, the police raided his house. Fortunately, Tony managed to escape. Tony later learned that Petrill was the informant, but he never divulged any information about the DiMeo family. Petrille has also never been killed for rat attacks, so he gets bonus points for that. He is said to have participated in the witness protection program.

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In 'The Sopranos', Silvio pushes Adriana to the execution site

Adriana is high on this list because the FBI tried hard but failed to convince her to cooperate. First, the office uses a female agent to befriend her, but that plan fails when Christopher hits the agent, leading to the friendship falling apart. The FBI then brought in Adriana and forced her to cooperate, but she avoided giving the agents any meaningful information.

When she was jailed for covering up the murder, she still refused to cooperate. Instead, she confessed to Christopher. This act of loyalty should have allowed the DiMeo crime family to let her go. Instead, Christopher tells Tony that Tony ordered Silvio to hit her. It’s a sad ending for such an interesting character.

Raymond ‘Buffalo Ray’ Curto

re cotto in sopranos

Ray is at the top of the list because he is so careful that his associates will never find out about his whistleblowing activities. When he suffers a stroke in an FBI agent’s car, he dies with his secret.

Given his age and multiple appearances, he may have provided the FBI with a wealth of incriminating information. He has never revealed his motives for the affair, although it has been suggested that it has something to do with expensive treatment for his son. Ray has to work outside so he can continue to earn money and pay for his son’s medicine.

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