The Rock channels ‘Dwayne’s big energy’ in ‘ridiculous’ ZOA campaign

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who finds humor wherever he goes, channeled some “Big Dwayne Energy” in the latest ZOA campaign.

In ZOA’s latest energy drink commercial, an aerial acrobatics newbie, an overwhelmed working mother and a surgeon transform into the actor. He then completes his tasks without any problems. This was all done while Latto’s hit track great energy theater plays.

While talking about the campaign, The Rock said PEOPLE“I wanted to create a campaign where I could look as ridiculous as possible and put on these ridiculous outfits and clothes that I would still have fun in.”

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The Rock then explained that there are two key elements to channeling “Big Dwayne Energy.”

“Number one, silence the noise,” Johnson explained. “There is so much noise that we always struggle to keep quiet and it can be very distracting and sometimes cynical and negative.” The other is “have fun and know that your true self is all you need.”

The Rock also said that “Big Dwayne Energy” is actually about “doubling down” on personal confidence. It’s also about everyone being authentic and not regretting it.

Johnson then talked about recreating her legendary ’90s look. “We saved it for the last day of filming,” Johnson added. “This one really took the cake. “So when I walked on set as ’90s Rock, I thought everyone’s reaction was a good indicator of what people would feel when they finally saw the ad.”

The Rock Says ‘Moana 2’ Cast ‘Really Tried’ While Making Movie

Earlier this month, The Rock talked about doing moana 2 and how the cast really got involved in both the production and the music.

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“It’s very exciting,” he said. Entertainment tonight. “I can’t wait for the fans to see the movie, the technology, the effects, the latest technology. We all really try. “We thought if we were going to make a sequel to something so beloved, let’s do it for real.”

The Rock also said that the ocean, which played a major role in the first film, would be more involved in the sequel. “You also have the benefit and beauty of the ocean. In Moana… the ocean is alive, so when the ocean has a heartbeat and a pulse, that’s something completely different. I can not wait”.

The Rock added that he is excited for Moana 2 music. “Lin Manuel Miranda is returning. We are making the music. Tommy Kail is our director, who directed hamilton. You get everyone together and you want to make the best team, and then you really try.”

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