Disney+ cancels 1 TV show in 2024 and renews 1 ‘Star Wars’ show!

We’re only 9 days into the new year and Disney+ has already announced a cancellation and a renewal (sort of!)

Unfortunately, the cancellation of Disney+ actually marks the first TV show cancellation of the year. And then there’s something big Star Wars-Related news that fans will be happy to see!

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Check out the two announcements Disney+ has made so far in 2024…

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American-Born Chinese: Canceled after 1 season

Unfortunately, Disney+ has decided to cancel American born Chinese after only one season. The show co-starred Oscar winners Ke Huy Quan and Michelle Yeoh.

The series debuted in May 2023 and the cast’s options for a second season expired yesterday, Deadline reports. The program can still be purchased elsewhere.

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Ahsoka – Season 2 in the works!

Disney+ essentially announced that Ahsoka has been renewed… in so many words. Lucasfilm confirmed that a second season is in development with creator Dave Filoni, Variety reports, meaning a second season is on the way.

The season 1 finale aired on October 3, 2023, so it’s been a few weeks and fans have been eagerly awaiting this news.

Meanwhile, Disney+ canceled 7 TV shows in 2023 and announced that 1 will end in 2024.

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