The Best One-Handed Swords in Skyrim (& Where to Unlock Them)

this The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim There are many great weapons out there, but nothing is more iconic than a one-handed sword. A fan-favorite one-handed sword, whether players use dual swords, pair with shields, or free one hand to cast spells horizon line Players, fortunately, the game offers some special options. These blades tend to be unconventional and often have powerful effects that players can use to complement their playstyle, and the fact that they only take up one hand gives a lot of versatility to the game. character building.

The best weapons with powerful magic horizon line Possession is usually based on a fee that will deplete with use. As these weapons lose their magical properties, so do their special effects, and the sword is simply a nicer version of the normal weapon. In order for these weapons to be fully charged and reach their true potential, players need to recharge them with soul gems, which can be obtained through magic or purchased from vendors.

Unique Weapon Upgrades horizon line Will require a mill, complex blacksmith skills, and particularly rare gems or ingots. Additionally, many of these weapons are also classified as tiered loot, meaning their power increases with the tier they’re looted. Weapon scaling usually maxes out at level 46, with one exception on this list, meaning that at that level its damage and effects will be as strong as possible without leveling up.

The best one-handed swords in Skyrim and how to find them


This weapon is made of horizon linePrince Daedric Meridia and its enchantment Meridia’s retribution burns enemies for 10 points on hit. However, its true power is revealed when fighting undead enemies, as killing an enemy within ten seconds of being hit by Dawnbreaker grants a chance to trigger an explosion that kills or dispels the undead. around them. This weapon has a base damage of 12 and can be upgraded with Ebony Ingots.

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Dawnbreaker can be obtained at level 12 by completing the quest “Dawn Breaks”. To complete the quest, the player must find Meridia’s Beacon, which appears randomly in chests by level, or go to the Meridia Statue west of Solitude. The quest will involve clearing the ruins of Kilkreath beneath the statue, and the player will eventually find Dawnbreker on the pedestal. Picking up the weapon will instantly teleport the player away and complete the quest, so they should loot the temple before taking it.

dragon calamity

This sword is also a level loot and takes the form of a katana with a unique effect against dragons. At level 46, this weapon deals 40 damage to dragons per hit and is one of the best dragon slaying knives in the world horizon line. Also, it deals 10 Electric damage to all enemy types, but unlike similar spells, it does no damage to stamina. Dragonbane has a base damage of 14 at max level and can be upgraded with Quicksilver Ingot.

This weapon can be obtained from the quest “Wall of Alduin” in the Sky Harbor Temple in Reach. To reach the temple, the player must first pass through Karthspire’s Frostsworn camp east of Markarth. After going through the camp and solving a few dragon puzzles, the player will find the Alduin Wall, and to the left of it, there is a small room with a Dragon Bane on a wooden table.

Looking for nightingale

Nightingale is an all-round weapon that works well with most structures horizon line. This sword is a level loot that scales with the player’s level, meaning its stats will change depending on when the player finds it. However, since a weapon can only be upgraded if you find it before level 46 (the maximum the weapon will reach), there’s no reason to wait to get it. At level 46, the knife absorbs 25 health and stamina, a powerful, if not extremely unique, effect. This weapon has a base damage of 14 and requires an Ebony Bar to upgrade.

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To obtain the Nightingale Blade, players need to join the Thieves’ Guild in the Rift and follow their quest line until they get the “Hard Answer” quest, which begins at the College of Winterhold with an NPC named Enthir. After passing horizon line Players will find themselves back in the Winterhold on a quest to decipher the diary of Nightingale’s former owner, Gallus Desidenius. Talking to Karliah in the vault of Frozen Hearth will complete the quest and reward the player with the Nightingale Blade.


This unique glass sword has a unique aesthetic and very powerful magic that can impotent enemies. The blade deals up to 30 Frost per hit, depending on the level it steals, and has a chance to paralyze the target for two seconds, making it a great choice against weak enemies on cold damage. If picked up at level 46, this weapon has a base damage of 15 and can be upgraded with the Refined Malachite Bar.

Similar to Nightingale Blade, Chillrend also works with horizon lineThieves Guild, so players need to go to Riften to join. After joining a clan and completing a number of quests, the player will eventually be sent to infiltrate the Riftweal Manor in the quest “Quest”. The player will be able to find Chillrend in the manor’s basement, locked behind expert-level display cabinets.

Mirak’s Sword

This blade has the most unique aesthetic to date horizon line, as it is coiled by tentacles that occasionally protrude when attacking. However, these tentacles are purely visual and do not extend the range of the weapon. Miraak’s sword absorbs 15 health and health per hit, and has the highest base damage of a one-handed sword in the game, 16 when picked up at level 60. To upgrade this sword, the player does not only ebony ingots but also expensive and rare items horizon lineA Daedric heart.

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To get Miraak’s sword, players need access dragon birth DLC and complete the main quest “Audio Path” horizon linethen cults from Solstheim will appear and attack the player. Retrieving their bodies will reveal a letter directing the player to Solsheim, and begin Dragon birth DLC storyline. This quest line must be completed to reach the end of the DLC where the player must defeat Miraak to steal the sword from him.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition Available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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