Marvel Ignored The Perfect MCU Cameo For Tom Cruise & It Wasn’t Iron Man


  • Marvel missed a great opportunity for Tom Cruise to appear in The Secret Invasion, based on the original comic book.
  • Rumors that Cruise would play a variant of Iron Man in Doctor Strange 2 disappointed many, but it wasn’t.
  • Skrull’s performance in “Secret Invasion” was unimpressive. So far only one Avenger has participated, the stakes seem low and the twists are predictable. Having a Hollywood star in the lead role of Skrull would give the story more weight.

Warning: This post contains spoilers secret invasion Episode 5.secret invasion This means that Marvel missed out on the best opportunity for Tom Cruise to be in the MCU, and that has nothing to do with Iron Man. Doctor Strange in the Mad Multiverse.Tom Cruise is said to have decided to play Iron Man in the early 2000s, plus Strange Doctor 2Multiverse cameo, fueling theories and rumors about Cruise playing a variation of Iron Man. Rumors About Tom Cruise Playing Super Iron Man in ‘Super Iron Man’ Strange Doctor 2 That continued until the movie was released, much to the disappointment of some that it didn’t happen.

Although the meta Tom Cruise cameo Strange Doctor 2 With a Tony Stark alternate universe not happening, it will be interesting for Tom Cruise to join the MCU in any form. Some of Hollywood’s biggest names have recently joined Marvel projects, such as Matt Damon’s cameo in Taika Waititi’s film. God of thunder movies or important roles like harrison ford Captain America: Brave New World. Therefore, it is not impossible for Tom Cruise to appear in Marvel. Even so, Marvel missed a great opportunity for Tom Cruise to appear in the MCU.

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Tom Cruise Should Be In ‘Secret Invasion’

in magic comics secret invasionIn addition to all of the Avengers being replaced with Skrulls, some real-life public figures were also replaced. It’s not uncommon for superhero comics to refer to real-life celebrities or politicians, especially in stories that are said to have influenced the entire Marvel Universe. Marvel comics too. secret invasionDuring this time, Tom Cruise was one of the famous characters chosen by the Skrulls to replace the Skrulls. While this is only part of the fun of world-building in the comics, Marvel could use that as inspiration for Tom Cruise to join Disney. secret invasion.

It’s easier to imagine Tom Cruise appearing in the MCU than expanding the role. Tom Cruise playing Iron Man is sure to be an exciting moment when it comes to super-relationships, especially since the multiverse deals with movies and casts have never come to light. However, the fact that Tom Cruise plays himself — or a Skrull playing Tom Cruise — is both a super-reference for the comic and a service to the story. This will not only bring secret invasion The plot goes in circles with a moment from the manga, but it also makes secret invasionSkrull’s revelation goes even further.

Secret Invasion’s Skrull impostor is completely overwhelmed

Skrull disguised as Roddy in Secret Invasion Episode 4

Marvel’s Biggest Problem secret invasion As it turns out, this doesn’t seem like a big deal in the Marvel Universe setting. In fact, the Avengers are not secret invasion Wasn’t good for the show, as it naturally lowered the stakes for what was supposed to be an apocalyptic event. Original main hook secret invasion The funny thing is that anyone can become a Skrull, even a superhero. secret invasion The show, on the other hand, has only featured one Avenger so far, War Machine. Therefore, when secret invasion It was revealed that Roddy was a Skrull, and the turning point was relatively predictable. The same goes for Everett Ross.

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secret invasion It is also revealed that some politicians are Skrulls in disguise. However, since these are fictional characters who have never appeared in the MCU before, the Skrull’s alteration doesn’t really have any impact. Several Hollywood stars, possibly some mentioned in the comics, guest-star as “Skrull versions” of themselves in “Skrull Versions” secret invasion will help the program expand the reach of its main premise.

secret invasion New episodes release every Wednesday on Disney+.

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