90 Day Fiancé: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Season 9

Play familiar notes on a new instrument, Part 9 fiance 90 days The comedy about two people with little in common committing to marriage isn’t easy. The series bets on love and chance like a roulette wheel based on real emotional and financial dependence, and galleries eagerly watch with extreme pleasure.

as part of the extension 90 days Viewers often summarize the absurdity of dating documentaries as memes because they are the audience. Capturing moments from the past through the power of the internet, few couples are immune to criticism over the raw Photoshop skills of a die-hard fanbase.


fiance 90 days Nurture chaos. With half of the couples left in the US and the other half trying to prove they’re worthy of marriage before being deported, the severity of the 90-day time limit has spawned nine TV series and many more. extra.

While the cast changes (for the most part) every season, the steps they’ve taken to wrap up TLC generally follow a similar trajectory. Noticing the similarities, Instagram user @90harvestusd created a 90 days A starter pack ticks all the usual boxes. From secrets and age gap to money matters and holiday kids, all the prerequisites for next season’s lovers’ answers are there.

suitable temperature

Kobe Blaise’s friend, Temperature, stirred the sadness of Kobe handsome right from the moment he stepped on the screen. Bryant and his fiancée, Emily, share Cameroonian ancestry, and Temperature lets Bryant and his fiancée, Emily, know that an African man is the head of the household and his job He accepted his fiancée’s request as unacceptable.

Speaking privately with Bryant, in the car with Bryant and Emily, and even at dinner with Emily’s entire biological family, Temp shared his displeasure with American women and how they—especially especially Emily—How to maintain a certain degree of submission to her husband. twitter user @AbiG1313 Humorously assumes that Temperature’s name is due to his complete disregard for situational awareness.

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cut from the same cloth

To test fiance Shaeeda’s gratitude, Bilal pretends to be less wealthy than he really is, making the questionable decision to pick her up in an old car and take her to meet the son-in-law he claims where they live. . time house. No wonder Shaeeda was annoyed by Bilal’s manipulation, and Bilal was confused by Shaeeda’s reaction.

To prove that Bilal wasn’t the only liar in the Hazziez family, Bilal’s sister Nefertari gave Shaeeda a wedding dress that was the exact opposite of what she wanted (and then gave it to her) real dress), causing Shaeeda to burst into tears. Similar to hoax and genetics, Instagram user @MerryPants’ mirror meme captures both in a hilarious way.

real influence

Familiar to both viewers and Biniyam, Ariela’s ex-husband, Leandro, is an indelible part of her past. Ari’s relationship with Leandro is a frequent point of contention between Ari and Biniyam, a relationship she treasures and a relationship that Biniyam wishes not to visit him every season.

Their connection is especially evident when Bini has lunch with Ari and Leandro and they wear the same plaid outfit. Jibri and Miona intentionally coordinate their outfits based on taste and taste, while Ari and Leandro’s accidental combination shows that they (Ari) are still attracted to each other (Leandro). Instagram/podcaster user @Marriedtorealitypod puts the couple’s consistency together.

Space Cowboys

Although 28-year-old Jibri Bell’s natural sheriff image makes him a dynamic, prominent figure in South Dakota, his mother, Mahala and stepfather, Brian, still consider him a popular teenager. rebellion against integration.

When Jibri dressed up to pick up his fiancée, Mioana, from the airport, the fact of living in the same house as his parents didn’t match his hot image. out of the house, Gibri’s mother Mahara treats Jibri (and Miona) more like a child than fiance 90 days He established himself as an internationally renowned star and musician. Bells duality is cutely summed up by Instagram user @90dayfiancefanaccount.

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talk ted

Pat Mendes’ younger brother John, with his signature Boston accent, stands between the demon on his shoulder and the source of his unsolicited advice. While Pat’s fiancé, Thai, resented John’s location and proximity, Pat refused to turn his back on her drop of blood and the man who helped him through the divorce.

Reddit user Coffeewhistle compared the famous teddy bear Ted to John. From alcoholism and the ill effects on his brother’s relationship with Massachusetts to even the name John, the similarities are undeniable.

cheeky mother

Despite being in her twenties, Kara Bass treats her fiancé Guillermo Royale like a child. Joking to her friends that she’s Guillermo’s toddler’s cradle-robber, their relationship has some odd issues that worry Guillermo as well as the audience. Guillermo, who is largely dependent on Kara because he cannot work on a tourist visa, spends most of his time at home with their dog, Chiqui Mama.

In an unintentionally hilarious moment, Guillermo asks Carla to use their savings to buy a computer and is retorted “let’s start with the toothbrush”. Kara’s motherhood exhaustion is on full display, as shown in @90dayharvestusd’s Instagram post.

monotonous muhammad

A note from Muhammad during his broadcast, his soft voice is both exasperating and lulling. With a wry smile on his face and a lump of product in his hair, Mohammad smiled at Ive’s complaints and ignored anyone else.

When Muhammad found a potential new donor at a local mosque, his speech changed and his intention to stay in the United States somehow became clear. Instagram user @90daymeme proves this very well, that unless he has permanent resident status, his personality is an empty medium.

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social thriller

Kobe Blaise’s intrusion into the Bieberly family estate, while not sinister, bears a striking resemblance to Jordan Peele’s groundbreaking horror go outAs the only black person in a predominantly white town, Bryant struggled with cultural and racial differences while ostensibly alone.

When his friend Temperature comes along and completely changes the way he sees his life, it’s as if Lil’ Rel herself shows up as a Cameroonian member of the TSA. Edited by Reddit user TonyClifton323 go out The poster does an excellent job of connecting the similarities.

It’s always sunny in Kansas City

Strangely similar to the DENNIS system used for sexual conquest, the Instagram account @90daymeme cleverly used Bilal’s behavior to create the BILAL system. In Trinidad, Bilal demonstrated his worth online and in physical contact with Shaeeda, and after she moved to Missouri, Bilal nurtured Shaeeda’s dependence and immediately began ignoring her about it. emotional side.

more than right ever sunny An acronym, the BILAL system exists to ensure separation by building mistrust, ignoring one’s partner, teaching them as if they’re not worth it, and leaving them alone if they choose to fight back. on the way to prayer. Happy and sad at the same time, Pilar couldn’t help but destroy herself in her peculiar ways.

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