Sonic Dash 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 3.7.0

Sonic Dash 2 marks the return of SEGA’s new endless runner game. The actors of the famous movie “Sonic Boom” also participated in the levels. Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Sonic control the characters by moving sideways, jumping and crouching to avoid traps along the way. The curly image popular in Sonic Dash 2 has become the trademark of the game. There are many obstacles like warnings, animals and you are not allowed to touch them. Go into 3 lanes, find a safe spot and play for as long as possible. Your score increases with the distance you travel. New score records are gradually built by your ability.

Each segment of the road is constantly changing, not only the obstacles but also the scenery are constantly changing. Sonic Dash 2 allows players to travel through all situations from the ground to the clouds without distraction. Be careful not to fall into a trap, though with the infinity ring you can respawn as many times as you like. However, your ability is better than relying too much on Sonic Dash 2 MOD. Have your friends start the game with you. Bypass all restrictions, remove obstacles and upgrade quickly.

Download Sonic Dash 2 MOD – Endless Run Sonic’s Obstacle

While the gameplay remains largely the same as its predecessor, Sonic Dash 2 boasts a host of new features. The map always has surprises for players as they move. The 3D graphics have been greatly improved and you can see it immediately just by stepping on the first floor. Some characters have special skills that create the power to destroy obstacles just by jumping up and down and curling up. But I found that it doesn’t work for warnings, I lost my life trying. In many cases, crouching allows the character to cross an obstacle without having to move to the other side. You won’t find similar functionality in Temple Run 2 or Talking Tom Gold Run. Obviously the same kind of game, but always a new experience that is not boring.

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Unlock and upgrade characters

Sonic is still the main character, but Sonic Dash 2 is also seen in the movie Sonic Boom. But to unlock all the characters you need to reach level 11. Don’t forget this aside from having enough money to unlock the character. Each character has 15 levels of ability upgrades, increasing 700% of maximum power. If the distance score reaches a perfect score, the running team will have an advantage in the race.

Sonic Dash 2 mod

collect sprite

Sprites are quite diverse and you can get them randomly when you open the box. Players can upgrade and evolve Sprites to gain more special abilities. Spark, Medley, Mingle are a few examples. You equip up to 3 sprites, choose to get the most rewards for the next level.


Participating in this event, you will have a chance to win many prizes. Sonic Dash 2 always has events for players. Complete it and bring home some rewards like Emerald, Platinum,… Pay attention to the requirements, this is the minimum if you want to get the reward.

Sonic Dash 2 MOD version

Both yellow and red rings are easily obtainable in this build. You can use it to unlock all the characters and upgrades. Overcoming challenges and avoiding obstacles is easier if you have good equipment. There are 2 types of rings and players already have almost everything in Sonic Dash 2.

Sonic Dash 2 mod download

Sonic Dash 2 Play an endless game with Sonic and his friends. Are the obstacles in the level difficult enough for you? Join now and help me answer this question. Download Sonic Dash 2 MOD to race against time and score points on the leaderboard.

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Download Sonic Dash 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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