Encanto Hidden Detail Makes Bruno & Dolores Different From Every Madrigal

Bruno and Dolores differ from the rest of the Madrigal family in one detail Encanto Explain how. The 2021 Disney movie turns members of the Madrigal family into some of the more popular Disney characters in recent years. The story may revolve around Mirabell, but other magical members of the Idyll family also play an important role. This includes Mirabell’s visionary uncle Bruno and her super-hearing cousin Dolores, each with different opportunities to use their powers.

neither bruno nor dolores are central Encanto, but thanks to its exploration of the Madrigal family, the film has given viewers more insight into their lives. This Disney animated film takes the time to explore some family history and how each member of the Idyll family has unique strengths to help the family and surrounding community. This is thanks to a transformation that occurred when a member of the Madrigal family was 5 years old and a magical door appeared in the family home, Casita. It passed through Madrigal’s room door Encanto The film cleverly reveals how Bruno and Dolores are different from the others.

Bruno and Dolores’ door is different from the rest of the family

Take a closer look at Bruno and Dolores at Encanto It is revealed that they are the only members of the Madrigal family who have opened their eyes. At first glance, this may seem like an insignificant detail, but it sets Bruno and Dolores apart from their other relatives. The doors of Isabela, Luisa, Antonio, Camilo, Abuela, Pepa and Julieta all show family members with their eyes closed. EncantoThe doors are replaced with lower or upper eyelids for the members to glow. This was completely different from the door of Bruno and Dolores, who were clearly staring at the entrance to their room with wide eyes.

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It was no coincidence or mistake that Bruno and Dolores opened their eyes and stared at their door Encanto。 The door is filled with details that are important and unique to the individual and their power. Bruno has an hourglass on the door, illustrating his ability to see the future, while Dolores has sound waves in her head to demonstrate her superhuman hearing. These types of details are standard on the doors of every member of the Madrigal family. Encanto The doors follow the same design layout, and the magic behind the Madrigal family certainly wanted Dolores and Bruno’s eyes to open on their doors.

Bruno and Dolores opened their eyes to see the true meaning behind the door

encanto dolores bruno dark force

why bruno and dolores widen their eyes Encanto Gates are associated with their power. They are the only two members of the Madrigal family whose abilities are directly related to cognition. The Casita doors that lead to Bruno and Dolores’ room will probably be eye-opened by this aspect of their power. They have the ability to see and hear more than anyone else in the family. This includes seeing problems in the Madrigal family that other members ignore.

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