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Join Vodobanka Pro, you become a detective of important agents; Everything depends on you. You will be the leader of a team of 3 people; You need to develop a strategy to make the smartest moves. Your mission is to rescue the thief who is stalking aggressively in the room. Only when it is illuminated will you realize there is a suspect inside. Take on the challenge with your agile and coordinated team of agents. You will neutralize those who deliberately take things in the room, remove them to ensure they are not lost.

These thieves operate in all areas of the property; they are present. Such density can sometimes be overwhelming; they come as fast as the wind. But with just three people on your team, it’s enough to handle them in a number of different ways. You are the captain, so come up with the appropriate strategy according to the situation. Your every move will require consideration and calculation. You have to anticipate possible situations to take precautions. Ancillary tools such as bombs, bullets, maps will help a lot for your mining process. Work as a team to pave the way, destroy dark rooms and bring the thief to justice.

Download mod Vodobanka Pro – control the team to complete the challenge

As the captain of the team, you have many responsibilities. Whether or not your group exists is up to you to decide; they all obey you. For your tactics, for which you are grateful, you must hold yourself accountable. The battles are arranged in small rooms, in each small room there will be several thieves raging. Your task is to encrypt them, turning them from bad guys into portable objects. Your teammates run after each other all the time; Unity won many great victories. Your team needs to be more productive, open multiple rooms and perform at their peak in Vodobanka Pro.

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Vodobanka Pro mode

overview map

Vodobanka Pro offers the player a map containing all the rooms but marked in black. The difference between the rooms is almost non-existent; The structure and layout are almost identical. The map will show the divisions for the room; You will first format the room, then choose the power to smash. Which room is unlocked will appear on the screen and you can observe the enemy in action. From there, you quickly complete the tasks of that room, and then move on to the next room. This surrogate follows in the footsteps of the next surrogate; Please solve it in time.

Vodobanka Pro mod apk

Implement promotional activities on many levels

Vodobanka Pro engages players and stimulates the brain with many levels from easy to difficult. Pre-scheduled events, click join and trigger everything. To get the best score for each mission, you need to have a smart game strategy and fight fast to win. It helps if you can catch the thieves before they get out. One small loophole, and they could escape; nothing can stop them. Each miss, the campaign struggled to succeed as expected. So conquer as many levels as possible and go on the longest path with your teammates.

Vodobanka pro APK

Special support tools

To complete missions faster, players also need different types of weapons. For example, Vodobanka Pro gives you a gun and flashlight to encode enemies. You are the little people who have done extraordinary things, a mighty team. You will have the flexibility to use the on-screen commands and tools for which the game was originally designed. Then choose what you want and your strategy will be implemented in no time. You will then explore new rooms and experience specific multi-dimensional spaces. The number of tools will also increase if you achieve a high level in each event. Finally, a lot of things are integrated to make each challenge easier.

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Vodobanka Pro Android

Vodobanka Pro has created something unique, depicting characters and enemies in a lovely way. Everything is small and beautiful, but clearly shows the extraordinary effort. The game requires intelligence, clear strategy and excellent leadership of the player. Fascinating stories are waiting for you to develop; Higher level organization a lot of excitement. Each class has specific requirements and the focus is on completing and earning the highest score possible. Big and small prizes and gifts are waiting for you ahead, and the finished product will be for you. Tasks performed every day; Every challenge will have its charm. Download Vodobanka Pro mod for crypto strategy, hack and thief.

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