Arrow Fest MOD APK (Free upgrade) 10.3

Great news for fans of fast-paced yet simple games has arrived. Arrow Fest gives you the feeling of conquering speed with super beautiful arrows. The game requires dexterity and agility. You will also need good observation skills to earn extra points for yourself. Colored arrows rushed forward, trying to squeeze through the right door of opportunity. Lots of enemies and giants are waiting for you ahead. When your hand is upgraded, the speed of the track will increase. Will you still master your arrows before approaching the enemy?

The fun and entertaining nature of the game makes for an enjoyable experience. Anyone who has played through Arrow Fest will be overwhelmed by the simplicity and simplicity of the game but still has a strange appeal. You have arrow bars and the only task is to increase the number as much as possible. You can quickly adjust the direction the arrow flies to eliminate enemies from afar. The gameplay is simple, just observe and control the direction. You will master the speed of the pointer and shoot your enemies instantly on your way!

Download Arrow Fest Mod – Master your speed

The arrows will be neatly within your control. They need to get through the doors that offer the opportunity to increase numbers. The more hands you have, the more speed and challenge you get. Conquer the obstacles along the way to keep scoring. Coins and upgrades for arrows are two basic things you have to pay attention to. First, focus on control so the enemies don’t overwhelm you along the way. Although this is a simple game, you will need agility in this game!

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Arrow control is very simple

Controlling your arrows will be easy. You need to swipe left or right to guide them. The indicator will follow your controlling hand exactly. However, they will simply move left or strictly follow you without warning. If your observations are incorrect, the arrows may be missing. It may take time to rebuild from scratch, or you may be instantly defeated. The needles are arranged in round bundles and fired together. The more arrows, the more complicated the control. You have to be fast and know the right time to change direction. Arrow Fest is an experience of viewing and controlling speed. Similar to racing games, you need to focus on the direction of the arrow.

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Use coins to accumulate opportunities

The main task of Arrow Fest is to collect coins. The more coins you have, the more arrows you will get. You never know how many enemies are waiting at the end of the road. If you have too few hands, you won’t be able to shoot all the enemies. Your turn will be considered a failure and you must take it again before leveling up. In addition to the numerous enemies standing at the end of the path, you will also face giants. If you don’t take the opportunity to increase the number of arrows, you will most likely not be able to take down the giant at the end of the path. You will see many addition-subtract-multiply-divide gates. Select the correct doorway to pass the arrow and get extra points.

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Invitation to play space

Arrow Fest scores points not only for its ease of gameplay. This is a game version that takes the theme of controlling the way, the interface is very eye-catching. Bright lines will open thousands of upgrade opportunities for your arrows. Enemies or enemies are also scattered on your way to challenge you. What do you need to do to collect more coins and defeat the enemies? The flight path of the arrows in blue, pink and other colors, as well as some red obstacles, is very beautiful. You will have a great experience on the fast arrow road. What’s better than owning a playback interface and high-quality music background. You will conquer the giants with your mighty shaft.

Green Arrow for Android

Are you the one who can control your speed? In this game, your observation skills to spot opportunities will be greatly improved. Shoot like a unique arrow and knock down enemies with ease. You don’t need any more allies in your orbit. Therefore, it is necessary to control the speed of the hand reasonably and continuously copy. Download the Arrow Fest mod to master the speed race and defeat the giant enemies at the end of the road.

Download Arrow Fest MOD APK for Android (Free Upgrade)

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