Shrek: Top 10 Hilarious Lord Farquaad Memes

this Shrek The film still has a way to make audiences of all ages laugh out loud. The first movie premiered in 2001 and was a fan favorite. On top of that, there’s a character that makes fans laugh twice as much. Lord Farquaad, voiced by John Lithgow, is the ruler of Duloc and has banished many fairy-tale creatures into the swamp.

As such, Lord Farquad is hardly a tyrannical ruler or a terrible villain. This character is famous on the Internet and in the fandom of many memes. Some mocked his funny name, antics, and others mocked his unique hairstyle.

they have blue eyes

If there was anything admirable about Lord Farquad’s expression, one might not have guessed what it was. In addition to the chisel jaw, Farquaad also has beautiful sparkling blue eyes. Memes turn revelations into hilarious phone messages and additions.

What better way to attract and seduce a potential audience than to tell them they have Lord Farquaad’s eyes? When you google them, it makes a lot of sense, which doesn’t sound like a compliment at first, but it works.

Sam Winchester as Lord Farquaad

Same Winchester in Lord Farquaad meme

Lord Farquad’s appearance was unforgettable. No, not just his brilliant blue eyes. Here is his hair and style. A fan can’t help but notice that in one scene Supernatural, Sam (Jared Padalecki Jared Padalecki) looks exactly like the Ruler. Sam was seen leaning against the car window, but it was his reflection that drew attention.

His hair is twisted into a Farquaads style, and he even twisted his jaw to look squarer. If they needed a real-life actor for the role, Padalecki might be in.

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The real interrogation is Star Wars

Interrogation of Gingy and Star Wars

It can be said that the interrogation scene is from Shrek is what people usually remember. Farquaad interrogated Gingy for information, and it was a mixture of humor and tension. One ruthless tactic Farquaad used was to break Gingy’s leg. One fan associates the hilarious tie with a famous scene Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith.

In this scene, Obi-Wan (Ewan McGregor) cuts off Anakin (Hayden Christensen)’s leg with his lightsaber as he jumps over Obi-Wan. Many fans cringe at the sight, but the meme makes for a hilarious comparison, as Ginger stands for Anakin and Farquad, Obi-Wan.

intermediate stage

Lord Farquaad Short Hair Wedding Memes

Deciding to cut your hair short is a tough one. Short hair means it’s cute for a while before it starts growing into that weird middle stage. This phase is not fun and often seems a bit awkward.

What better way to explain this period than with a meme of Lord Farquaad because he lives in the middle. It just hit his chin and rolled inward. He even has super short bangs to match.

Topless Lord Farquad and Wizard

Lords Farquad and Geralt of Rivia

when the internet goes crazy that wizard Recreate the video game scene in which Geralt (Henry Cavill) goes topless under a steaming hot shower. When he shines with the water makes fans ecstatic. A lot of hilarious memes have been created just from this scene.

But to be fair, Farquaad came out on top in terms of hairy bare breasts. Farquaad is very stylish and can be seen topless sipping a martini in the movie, wrapped in a fur blanket. Like Geralt, he also has a furry chest. This scene actually has a vulgar connotation that not many people notice at first. Commonly used memes officeMeme about trying to find the difference between two pictures.

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farquad and george

Lord Farquaad and Georgie by Darcey & Stacey

Darcy caused a stir when he appeared on the hit TLC show 90 Days of Fiancé: 90 days ago. Fans are hooked on her relationship drama. So much so that she and her twin sister have one Darcy and Stacy.

This time, Darcey has a new man in his life, and he is Bulgarian. One thing fans will be interested in about her new relationship is his beautiful hair. But fans can’t stop seeing similarities with Lord Farquaad.

Lord Farquaad or Kylie Jenner?

Compare Kylie Jenner and Lord Farquaad at the VMAs

When searching for Lord Farquaad memes, comparisons between Kylie Jenner and him are common. And for good reason. At the 2015 VMAs, Kylie Jenner wore a heavy beige halter dress with some bangs. While the internet complimented her looks, some fans have humorously compared her to Lord Farquad.

At the Farquaads wedding, he wore a similarly embellished light beige suit. He also wears his signature bangs. The meme mocks the fact that, between the two, no one can tell the difference.

lord farquad was real

Snape, Lord Farquad and Meme Portraits

This meme was created to assuage some people’s worries about their appearance. It jokes that if you’re feeling down, don’t worry because Lord Farquad is modeled after a real person. Not many people are 100% sure who the man in the portrait is, but he bears a striking resemblance to Farquaad.

There’s also a joke below, when someone realizes that the man in the portrait looks like a combination of Snape (Alan Rickman) Harry Potter and Farquad. Snape also has a similar hairstyle, just without the bangs. Believe it or not, Farquaad has been rumored to be based on Michael Eisner, the former Disney CEO who, after his feud with Jeffrey Katzenberg, was based on rumours. Katzenberg used to be Disney’s head of film.

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Titanic, but Farquaad

Jack and Rose and Lord Farquad in Titanic

Lord Farquaad’s name is humorous in its own right and has been used in all sorts of memes. One popular way is to use famous romantic scenes TitanicThe scene where Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) hugs Rose (Kate Winslet) from behind in the wind. Celine Dion’s hit “My Heart Will Go On” plays in the background.

One can notice the word “far” in Lord Farquad’s last name. The lyrics are as follows: “Near, far, wherever you are.” Some fans decided to have some fun by creating this hilarious meme with the first word in his last name.

where are they? !

Lord Farquaad, Gingy and the Hide and Seek Meme

Gaming as a child is serious business. It requires a certain level of intensity and courage. At least for some people. This is especially true in hide and seek. The film’s famous interrogation scene is used to combine the intensity of the game with some comedy.

Farquaad aggressively asks Gingy where the other goblin creatures are. This level of tension is like when a child finds the first person in a game of hide and seek and demands to know where the others are. They are your clue to victory.

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