The Tower MOD APK (Unlimited money/God mode) 0.18.8

APK information of The Tower MOD

  • V1: Enter the game and exit the game to get unlimited diamonds!
  • V2: God Mode

If you are looking for a simple and casual game, The Tower is the perfect choice. You just need to defend and defend a tower. All you need to do is upgrade the tower so that it can resist the invasion of the outside world. Looking at the graphics of the game will be very interesting. The Tower’s layout and colors look modern and very simple. The more enemies the tower destroys, the more money you earn. This money will be used to upgrade the tower. The more tower coins you have, the harder the challenge time will be. When you are busy with something but want to play a game, The Tower is all you need.

The tower is a central tower that is both an attack system and a defense system. When the enemy is more difficult to destroy, the corresponding number will be higher. In the game, there are many things that need to be upgraded, but the most important thing is attack and defense. The simplicity of the game brings freedom and relaxation to the players. When you are offline, you can still play the game. So you can be entertained anytime, anywhere without an internet connection. There’s nothing like working hard and still being able to play the game. That’s what The Tower allows you to experience.

Download The Tower Mod – Improve Defense Skills

When playing The Tower, you only need to level up in the game mode. The center part will rotate 360o inside the tower to guard the tower. Attack enemies from all directions. Just tap and the tower will do it all by itself. If a game is boring because it’s too simple, it’s definitely not. Because players have to prioritize which to upgrade before defeating many enemies and can only earn very little money if the tower is weak. The game forms are just basic geometric shapes. A hexagon in the center is the tower in the game. When flying into the area adjacent to the auto-centered circle, this block will fire bullets to protect itself.

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In the battle to upgrade the tower, there will be many small parts. The more damage you deal to upgraded invaders, the quicker and easier it will be to take down enemies. The longer the tower defense time, the more and faster the invaders, and the issue of increasing attack speed is a definite factor. It helps to shorten the firing time of bullets. It can extend the range of shooting down enemies and protect the tower from danger. And there are many upgrades that can help you win more prizes to uncover hidden possibilities in the game. Although the game does not have too many challenges, it still makes participants excited.

1 . robot tower

defensive ability

This is still an important upgrade that cannot be ignored in the tower game. But after you earn enough money, it will be open. This upgrade will strengthen the tower, making it able to withstand direct attacks from the outside. The ability to heal per second allows the tower to regenerate itself after an enemy attack. The higher the defense upgrade percentage, the less damage the tower is. There are many other factors in this defense. You need to join the game now to earn a lot of money and experience it for yourself.

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Tower has hidden power. You need to earn enough money to unlock. In the final upgrade, you have to participate in tournaments to collect power stones. But to join the tournament, you need to be in the sixth wave. Unlock potential weapons for direct confrontation with enemies. Buy hidden cards for even more powerful in-game upgrades. Collect cards to unlock permanent features of the tower. To understand what the game is about and how the tournament works, you have to see it for yourself. The Tower will challenge your curiosity. Although the gameplay is simple and straightforward, it allows you to explore more possibilities for quick wins.

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The game gives the feeling of idle play for those who love to play. Research new features to unlock more game features. The effects and sounds are lively but also somewhat relaxing. The novelty and originality of the game was tested by many participants. Overall, The Tower is a game for all purposes of light entertainment in my spare time. The only tower defense time test you can pass? Download The Tower mod a game that seems boring but very interesting.

Download The Tower MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Money / Divine Mode)

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