Popular Wolverine Fancast Actor Responds To Whether He’ll Join The MCU

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Now that Hugh Jackman will return as Wolverine, the actor who leads the MCU’s mutant fan version answers whether or not he’ll join the MCU.

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Wolverine is open to new actors, and Kingsman Franchise head Taron Egerton responds on whether or not he’ll join the MCU after being cast as a character by so many fans over the past few years. Hugh Jackman will return at least one more time as his version of Wolverine, now in the MCU, deadpool 3After that, Marvel Studios will be looking for a new actor to breathe life into the MCU’s mutant version, and Egerton will respond if he wants to join in on the occasion.

And full movie Magazine (via direct), Egerton, who is considered by many to be the MCU’s perfect Wolverine actor, talked about his possible involvement as a mutant in the MCU. According to the actor, he’s not very optimistic about playing Wolverine in the MCU, and Egerton himself doesn’t seem excited about the possibility anymore. Egerton seemed to be on a different wavelength than what was needed to join Marvel, even saying, “I think maybe I’ve passed the point where it feels like the right thing to do. Check out the full quote below:

“I’m not going to be playing Wolverine. There’s no indication that it will. I just don’t know if I can… I don’t know. Maybe I’ve gotten to the point where it isn’t. what I want anymore. I don’t know.(…) [for my career]”

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Aside from Taron Egerton, who is the best actor to play the MCU’s Wolverine?

werewolf evolution

If Egerton ends up passing up the chance to play Wolverine in the MCU, there are still some interesting actors who could do well to succeed Jackman as Wolverine. Zac Efron would be an excellent MCU actor for the role. The actor has also worked with Jackman in the past — such as Egerton — greatest performer And showing that he’s comparable to the original Wolverine character on screen is a big part of what makes Jackman’s transformation into a Marvel mutant so iconic.

Efron has long been portrayed by fans as various characters in the MCU, including Adam Warlock – who will debut as Will Poulter, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 — Human Torch in the Fantastic Four. Efron is also a huge fan of Wolverine and expressed interest in the role last October, making him a leading candidate to succeed Jackman when Wolverine returns. deadpool 3Efron is also an actor known for his athleticism, which is important to Wolverine’s character.

If Egerton and Efron become the MCU’s new Wolverine, there will be a few other names thrown around the casting round. Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood is the main inspiration for many Werewolf stories. Because of this, the actor’s son, Scott Eastwood, who looked a lot like his father in his youth, became a frequent name for the character. Eastwood brings as little baggage to the role as Jackman did in his first appearance. On the other hand, Keanu Reeves will make the perfect Wolverine of the MCU and has recently expressed interest.

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Source: Total Film Magazine (from The Direct)

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