Avatar: The Way Of Water Concept Art Reveals Early Metkayina Village

warning! Spoiler for Avatar: Way of Water.

a new piece Avatar: The Road of Water Concept art reveals an original design for the Metkayina clan’s reef village. The sequel to James Cameron’s hugely successful 2009 original film, Avatar: The Road of Water When humans returned to Pandora, the Sully family sought refuge with a new ocean Na’vi, the Metkayina. The clan is led by Tonovari (Cliff Curtis) and Ronal (Kate Winslet), who eventually become Jack (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldanha) a powerful ally.

Art director Dylan Cole recently shared a Avatar: The Road of Water Concept art on Instagram showing designs for Metkayina Coral Village from 2014, when the sequel was in early development.

As Cole’s images and notes suggest, the overall look and feel of Coral Village will eventually make its way into the final film, even as many of the smaller aspects of the design have changed. Concept art also illustrates the amount of work that needs to be done Avatar To bring the film to life, Cameron and his talented creative team had to create every aspect of Pandora from scratch.

Will Metkayina return in Avatar 3?

avatar 3 shoot at the same time Avatar: The Road of Water, the story of the two films begins as one long story which is later divided into two parts. This suggests that the upcoming third film could be closely related to the recent sequel. Also, neither Winslet nor Curtis get much screen time Avatar: The Road of Waterthat suggests there could be more Tonowari and Ronaldo coming.

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While Cameron has confirmed that the next film will introduce a new fire-focused Na’vi tribe called the Ash Men, the ending Avatar: The Road of Water It is implied that the Sully family will maintain a close relationship with Metkayina. After the death of Netayam (Jamie Fleeters) and the defeat of Quaritch (Stephen Lang), Tonowari announces that the Sullys have become true members of the Metkayina family. The final shot of the film even features Jack confirming that he’s done running and that he’ll stay behind to guard his new home.

Metkayina seems to have the ability to stay in avatar 3, but it’s unclear if they will return for the fourth and fifth installments as planned. Cameron revealed that each new film will explore new lands of Pandora and introduce new Na’vi tribes, and it’s unclear what the story of Tonovari, Ronal, and the rest of Metkaina will be. how much space. However, if Metkayina Reef Village is any indication, future movies Avatar: The Road of Water There will be many beautiful, beautiful and well-crafted new locations.

Source: Dylan Cole

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