Netflix’s One Piece Credits Tease A Major Villain That Even The Anime Has Barely Shown


  • The live-action version of “One Piece” has been praised for its faithfulness to the original story, stunning visuals and strong performances.
  • The Season 1 finale of Netflix’s One Piece teased a major villain that had not been explored in the anime.
  • The character teased in the finale was Commander Kong, who holds a powerful position in the World Government and could become a rival to Luffy and his crew.

this piece The live-action version culminates in quite a bit of teasing, suggesting that audiences might be able to see a series villain that’s barely been seen in the anime. Netflix gives manga and anime fans the chance to finally meet their loved ones piece An 8-episode adaptation of the epic work on the live-action screen has been well received by fans and critics alike.this piece The live-action version has since been praised for its faithfulness to Eiichiro Oda’s source material, stunning visuals, and the exceptional efforts of the TV show’s writers and performers.In addition, there are reality shows piece The world is filled with Easter eggs that foreshadow future characters and storylines.

Consistent with Canon, new piece The play tells the story of Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates’ adventures in search of “One Piece”, the treasure that Luffy is looking for in order to become “One Piece”.By the end of Netflix piece Season 1, nearly 11 volumes of comics and at least 45 episodes of comics piece The coverage of the animation is just right, giving the audience a wonderful presentation of the classic East China Sea legend. The live-action adaptation is so close to Oda’s source material that it’s a bit surprising when the series teases a major villain that even the anime didn’t fully explore.

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One Piece credits roll introduces Marine Corps Commander Kong

this The main villain tease comes in the form of one of many delightful piece Easter eggs, too fast for some people to catch. In the live-action series, we get a glimpse of the East China Sea map, which is subtly changing from place to place. one piece Season one reveals more and more with every episode.During the closing credits of the final episode, “The Worst in the East,” a map of East Blue was shown, teasing an important clue that could foreshadow what’s to come next in Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates’ great adventure.

In an elaborate badge, the map is labeled “By order of Commander-in-Chief Kong, built for the East China Sea Marine Corps” A quirky introduction to a character never seen in the live-action series. As the insignia implies, Kong is the Commander-in-Chief of the World Government, and according to canon, he is a former Marine Corps Admiral. If a live-action King Kong drama comes to fruition, Luffy and his crew will meet a major character. piece universe. Kong will not be involved in the Straw Hat Pirates’ next adventure, as they will now enter the Grand Line and encounter the Baroque Factory.

What secrets of King Kong did the One Piece manga reveal?

Luffy and Kong Pirate King

Despite having such a powerful position one piece Regime-wise, canon doesn’t reveal much about Commander-in-Chief Kong. Long before Sengoku succeeded him, Kong served as Admiral of the Navy, a position he held during the Ed War, the historic naval battle between the Golden Lion Pirates and the Roger Pirates. Now serving as Commander-in-Chief of the World Government, Kong has power over not only the Marines, but also the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the Sif Bol and Aeneas lobby.

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Regardless of his ranking, in the hierarchy of the World Government, he is second only to the Fifth Elder and Yi Mu. piece The comics also give us an insight into Kong’s powers and abilities. On the surface, King Kong is a tall, thick-shouldered, gray-haired man who appears to be physically strong and has some fighting ability.this One Piece comics It hasn’t been revealed that Kong holds any specific powers, but his political and physical prowess is enough to suggest he’s an ominously powerful opponent.

Will Kong appear in Netflix’s One Piece TV show?

One Piece cast

It is doubtful whether King Kong will appear piece Season 2, but Kong had the chance to appear in the entirety of the live-action movie. Season 2 will likely focus on resolving loose ends from season 1, which ended with a bounty on Luffy’s head, a conspiracy between Alvida and Bucky to take down Luffy, and Captain Smoker becoming the Straw Hats Strong signs of a band of thieves. The next big enemy. Of course, that doesn’t mean the live-action version can squeeze in some more King Kong teases, but if it continues to follow the trajectory of the comics and animation, King Kong may not appear in major occasions.

The Commander-in-Chief has a limited number of appearances piece canon, so it’s more likely that the live-action version will continue to drop King Kong Easter eggs before bringing the character to the small screen. What’s more, Kong’s main appearance in canon takes place during the Ed War, about 20-25 years after Luffy began his pirate journey. This doesn’t mean Commander-in-Chief Kong isn’t a huge threat to Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates, it just might take a long time (if ever) piece Reality TV brings him into it.

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