Laura Woods New Job: Why Did She Leave TalkSPORT? Journalist Salary Details

Find out the most recent information on Laura Woods’ whereabouts: Where Will Laura Woods Go? Keep an eye out for exciting news regarding her future employment. Laura Woods is a well-known English journalist and broadcaster. She has worked with a number of media companies, including DAZN, ITV, Amazon Prime Video, and Talksport. Laura is well-known for co-hosting the Sports Breakfast program on Talksport with Ally McCoist on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. She has risen to prominence in the world of sports broadcasting.

Where Did Laura Woods Go After She Left TalkSPORT?

Laura Woods, host of the talkSPORT Sports Breakfast program, has announced her resignation at the end of June. While her future location is not specifically stated in the material supplied, she conveys her heartfelt appreciation to the listeners. She admits that she will always be a member of the talkSPORT family.

Woods has received the coveted SJA Sports Presenter of the Year award twice for her remarkable services. Her last performance is set on June 28. During her time on the show, she created an incredible connection with Ally McCoist and gained enormous popularity among listeners. Laura Woods has been the vivacious presenter of talkSPORT’s main program for three years, capturing millions of listeners nationally from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Monday through Wednesday. Woodsy formed an exceptional on-air collaboration with the famous Ally McCoist, endearing herself to the talkSPORT community and cementing her reputation as one of the industry’s leading presenters.

Laura Woods was recognized for her unique skills by Liam Fisher, Head of talkSPORT, who emphasized her friendliness, expertise, and enthusiasm for sports, which connected with their enormous audience of 3.6 million weekly listeners. He emphasized her great connection with colleagues presenters such as Ally McCoist and Gabby Agbonlahor, as well as her fascinating interviews with many famous people, which contributed to the show’s gripping morning broadcasts.

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Fisher expressed his joy that Woods will remain an important part of the talkSPORT family. As word of Woods’ impending departure emerged, condolences from colleagues and fans alike flooded in on social media, recognizing her efforts and expressing enthusiasm for her next project.

Laura Woods’s New Job and Salary

According to Mail Sport, Laura Woods, the outstanding sports broadcaster, is about to start an intriguing new enterprise. She is expected to broadcast TNT Sport’s Champions League coverage in the following season, marking a huge career shift for Woods. This possibility emerges as part of BT Sport’s projected summer rebranding initiatives, in which she will replace renowned broadcaster, Jake Humphrey. Woods’ projected position as the face of TNT Sport’s Champions League coverage demonstrates the industry’s acknowledgment and faith in her.

While the stories give information on Woods’ prospective new job, her compensation remains unknown. Nonetheless, Woods’ success reflects the industry’s acknowledgment of his skill, expertise, and fascinating on-screen personality. Laura Woods’ stated income at talkSPORT was $70,540 per year, according to FactsBuddy. Assuming she would receive a greater income in her new post, presenting TNT Sport’s Champions League coverage is a logical assumption. However, no specifics about her increased income have been divulged in the material presented, leaving an opportunity for conjecture about the probable boost in her wages.

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