Venom Dunks on Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man in Weird Basketball Fan Art

New fan art imagines a scene where Tom Hardy venom Dunk on Spider-Man by Andrew Garfield during a basketball game. Over the past few years, Sony has leaned toward a more sinister nature as the newly formed Sony Spider-Man universe expansion studio. Released in 2018 venomintroduced Hardy’s character Eddie Brock. This character received his own sequel last year Venom: Slaughter.A bit offensive after this year’s highly criticized movie came out mobileSony turns its attention to other upcoming SSU releases, including venom 3, kraven hunter And Mrs. Weber.

Spider-Man Garfield returned last year Spider-Man: No Way Home Since then, there’s been much discussion about whether his Peter Parker will become SSU’s Spider-Man and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man now occupying the MCU’s sacred timeline. First appeared in 2012 as the beloved online gambling hero ultimate SpidermanGarfield returned with a sequel in 2014, but the planned third was canceled by Sony. Spider-Man: No Way Home Many wanted to see Garfield return as Spider-Man full-time, and now a new piece of fan art imagines a unique crossover.

This artwork was shared to Instagram by: @venomology, imagine an epic basketball game between Venom and Garfield. In this ultra-realistic-looking production, Venom dips into Spider-Man, his massive alien form almost perched on his opponent’s shoulder as he uses Spider-Man’s head as a prop for a throw. Venom’s grin can be seen in the detailed artwork, which quickly garnered numerous likes and comments praising the artist’s creativity. Check out the artwork below.

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Venom and Spider-Man have some history on screen, following Topher Grace’s role in the Sam Raimi, Venom, and Spider-Man films. Spider-Man 3despite seeing Garfield’s companion Peter Parker Tobey Maguire confront the symbiote in that film. In June, Hardy previewed the highly anticipated script venom 3, causing many people to speculate where the story of Bullock and Venom will go this time. In fact, the crossover depicted in this new art could hint at a potential live action scene (though there may not be a basketball element). there is no way homeIn the post-credits scene, in which Venom learns about Spider-Man during a brief visit to the MCU timeline, the door for a crossover has certainly opened, though whether that happens or not remains to be seen. see.

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While that’s unlikely, the artwork offers an interesting approach to these two beloved characters and an incredible amount of detail was put into the creation process. Whether Garfield’s Spider-Man has a future has yet to be confirmed, as Garfield has previously stated that he has no plans to return to Spider-Man. However, if the result there is no way home What teaches viewers is that Garfield’s words are not always believable. While the basketball game between Venom and Spider-Man is sure to be a fun and exciting scene, unfortunately, the situation in this picture is like What would Marvel do if…? plot instead of possible plot next venom installment.

Source: @Venomhology

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