Harry Potter: 10 Pieces Of Hermione Granger Fan Art Worthy Of The Brightest Witch Of Her Age

Hermione Granger is one of the most powerful female characters in the history of youth fiction. She is one of the main characters in the play Harry Potter One of the golden series and trilogy alongside Ron Weasley and Harry Potter. She is described as having curly hair, brown eyes and crooked teeth, intelligent mind and good morals.

The rest is for explanation. Hermione is a much loved and admired character, and the magic of novels lies in the world they are created by the imagination. These 10 fan art pieces pay homage to the brightest witch of her time and open doors of possibility.

read by hermione

By: Felicia Cano

This vibrant watercolor fan art introduces a familiar story. Hermione is reading a book. which book? Hogwarts, part of history. There’s no more Hermione than this. The details in this piece don’t scream at the viewer, instead they add subtle but meaningful references.

There’s a lion on the rug and lamp-neck, and her cloak contrasts with the Gryffindor colors, alongside a magical portrait.

the smartest witch

Via: CCrystalClear

Ron and Harry knew that without Hermione, they would not have survived the battle against Voldemort. Some of her contributions over the years include: solving Snape’s potion puzzles, leading them to Basilisk, punching Draco, using a time-turner, helping Harry in the Triwizard Tournament, Using enchantments Expand undetectable on the pack to find Horcruxes, risking their lives, just to name a few.

Supporter of SPEW

By: Sophia Canning

Movies can’t have everything; even if they tried, there wouldn’t be enough time to pay attention to detail with satisfaction. But unfortunately, one story was cut.exist Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, There was a house elf named Winky, who was accused of creating the Dark Mark at the Quidditch World Championships. Winky goes to work in the Hogwarts kitchen and ends up drunk, despite Dobby’s steadfast help. Hermione witnessed these injustices and founded the Association for the Advancement of Goblin Welfare, or as Ron likes to point out, SPEW

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Boldness, courage and chivalry

Via: El Denza

Hogwarts is misunderstood. People define Ravenclaw simply as high scores and smarts, Hufflepuffs as lazy and helpful people, Slytherins as purebred bullies with high social status, and Gryffindors as detectives. reckless pride, recklessness. Hermione is not a member of House Ravenclaw.

She does not have such an open or creative mind, and can be very stubborn and rigid in her way of thinking. She is brave, brave and chivalrous. She has a fierce personality, courage and unwavering conviction. She chose to go to Gryffindor, just like Harry did.


via: Athena Fever

Hermione was born to two Muggle parents and has a similar personality to Lily Potter. But despite her non-magical parents and being called the Mudblood by Draco Malfoy, she still became the smartest witch of her age. Her thirst for knowledge of the wizarding world is often attributed to her skill and ability to stay on top in threatening situations, while also seeking advice on matters from The simplest to the most difficult.

winding hill

Via: Tufuni

The artist of this soulful work quotes a passage from the novel Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, in her title. “He’s beautiful, isn’t he?… Poor Crookshanks, the witch says he’s been in it for years; no one wants him.”

There are some things about Crookshanks that only appear in books because they don’t appear in the movies. Crookshanks, half Kneazel, half cat, are exceptionally good at investigative work. He learns that Peter Pettigrew disguised himself as Scabbers and made multiple attempts to destroy the traitor, which is briefly shown in the film. Harry also woke up in the middle of the night to see Crookshanks in front of a black dog, later to be called Sirius Black, an innocent man. The cat is also a valuable pet, sometimes protecting Hermione and guiding her and Harry to the entrance to the Screaming Shack.

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Battle of Hogwarts

via: Sadness40

Hermione Jean Granger (Hermione Jean Granger), born to the Granger couple, was a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, holding an important position in the Ministry of Magic in her later years. Her wand is made of vine wood and contains a dragon heart string.

In her fight against the dark arts, she is petrified, accused of being a romantic flirt, abandoned and judged by her friends, mercilessly tortured, and wanted by wanted men.


By: Felicia Cano

This beautiful and vibrant artwork captures the moment Hermione casts the Patronus Charm. Hermione’s Patronus is an otter, one of JK Rowling’s favorite animals. Its glow lamp casts a blue glow on the image, enhancing the sense of wonder. The painting is full of interesting eye-catching elements, such as Dobby wearing many hats and various outfits, a framed picture of Umbridge with a crossed eye, various drugs, threshold viewers grave and fill every room. books in one corner.


via: viki-vaki

This warm and cozy fan art pays homage to Hermione’s love of literature. “When in doubt, go to the library.” Some of the answers are found in the books: Basilisks and their information, Nicholas Flammel and the Hogwarts Guardians, how to survive the second test of the Underwater Triwizard Tournament and his history. Dumbledore.

synthetic drugs

Source: Mr. Piccolo

The artists of this charming and strange fan art refer to Pottermore in their title. “Polyjuice Potion is a complex and time-consuming concoction, preferably intended for skilled witches and wizards. It allows consumers to theorize that one’s appearance is determined by another person’s physical appearance. added to the recipe (this can be anything – cracked toenails, dandruff or worse – but hair is most commonly used) The idea is that a witch or wizard can use it. Illegal use of their body parts is an old idea and pervades the folklore and superstitions of many cultures. The Polyjuice Potion at the age of twelve is a testament to her extraordinary magical abilities, as is the case with many adult men and women. A potion that even magicians dare not try.”

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